PS5 Version Of Maneater Goes Free For Play Station Plus Members

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In this article, we were going to give information about Maneater is free on PS5 Version?

Maneater is a single-player action and adventurous play game created by Tripwire Interactive. It was one of the wonderful survival game with many actions and tasks to complete. This game was released on 22nd May 2020.

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Is Maneater Free?

Good news to every that the Maneater game was free to play for the players who were having the play Station plus membership with PS5 from January. Not only Maneater game players can also access some more games with play Station Plus membership.

PS5 Version Of Maneater Goes Free For Play Station Plus Members
Credits: Push Square

Maneater was a wonderful and adventurous online game with many tasks. The player can also play the game on PS4, but the player with PS4 will not receive free access to the game. To play freely, the player should have a PS5 with a PlayStation Plus membership. Players can able to play the game freely until their membership was active.

Not only for PS5, but players can also download Greed fall and shadow of the tomb raider if they have a PlayStation 4. But players with PS4 will not get Maneater for free even if players have an active membershiThethe maneater game player playdays as a shark, and the plays save to complete all events to improve his shark in-game. And players will also experience the game interaction difference between PS4 and PS5 console. Maneater game will be good to play in PS5 console than PS4 due to good play interaction and visual effects in PS5.

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PS5 Version Of Maneater Goes Free For Play Station Plus Members
Credits: game rant

Already Sony also announced that they were releasing PS5 consoles from January 2021. So, it’s time to experience the game on PS5.

As per information, Sony was refunding the Maneater game’s money to players as it connected to Play Station Plus Membership who purchase PS5 with PlayStation Plus Membership.

So, that’s it, guys. For more information on Sony PS5 and more games information, stay tuned to our website, Game Stanza.

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