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Sony PS5 is available for Rs. 49,990(regular mode) and Rs. 39,99(digital edition) in India. Whereas, the Sony PS5 Controller Price starts at about Rs. 5,990 and the charger for same are available for Rs. 2,590. Sony has also launched some games that are exclusively for PS5 users.

Sony PS 5 Controller Price

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Specification of PS5 and Ps5 digital edition

The Sony PS5 has a native 4k resolution gaming experience at a 60(fps) refresh rate. You can even go up to 8k or 120fps if you have the hardware which could carry it. It offers better graphics and performance as compared to PS4. It has a solid-state drive (SSD) instead of a hard disk drive, making it faster in loading time and making games more fluid. PS5 and PS5 only have one difference. That is, PS5 has a 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray drive while the digital edition doesn’t.

The Sony PS5 has a Custom 8-core AMD Zen CPU@ 3.5GHz with SMT and variable frequency. It has a Custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU 36CUs @ 2.23GHz  with varying frequency. The all-new PS5 also comes with a RAM of 16 GB GDDR6, and it has a memory bandwidth of 448GB/s. It also has a storage of 825GB PCIe Gen 4; it has 390x104x260 mm (15.35×4.09×10.23 inches) dimension and weighs 4.5kgs.

The Ps5 digital edition has a Custom 8-core AMD Zen CPU@ 3.5GHz with SMT and variable frequency. It has a Custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU 36CUs @ 2.23GHz  with varying frequency, it has a RAM of 16 GB GDDR6, it has a memory bandwidth of 448GB/s, it has a storage of 825GB PCIe Gen 4, it has 390x92x260 dimension(15.34×3.62×10.23), and weights 3.9kgs.

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Pricing of PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition

The play station 5 Digital Edition price in India is Rs. 39,900, in the US is $400, in the UK it is Rs 34,800, in Canada it is CA$500, in Europe it is  Rs 34,800, in Australia is AU$600, in New Zealand, is NZ$650 and RS 28000 in Japan.

The PlayStation 5 prices in India is Rs. 49,900, in the US is $500, in the UK it is Rs 43,000, in Canada it is CA$630, in Europe it is Rs 43,500, in Australia AU$750, in New Zealand, is NZ$820 and RS 35,000 in Japan.

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Sony PS5 controller Price and Specifications

PS 5 Controller Price

The controller in PS5 is known as Dualsense instead of DualShock. The dual sense controller has a built-in microphone and has a USB port for charging purposes. It has a black-and-white color scheme that matches that of the console. They have also brought hepatic feedback to the controller. The share button in it is known as “Create” in this. The Dualshock 4 controllers can also work with PS5, so it is unnecessary to buy the controllers separately. It costs more than DualShock 4. In India, it is priced at Rs. 5,990, Rs. 5,200 in the US, Rs. 4,970 in Canada, Rs. 6,100 in Europe, Rs5,730 in Australia, Rs 6,050 in New Zealand, and Rs 4,900 in Japan.

So, there you have it guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Sony PS5 and Sony PS5 Controller. To get more information about this newest, most elegant console, visit their official website.

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