Microsoft Edge will be releasing History and Open Tabs Sync – Technology

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A newly added update to Microsoft edge is that it will feature syncing tabs and history. It can be done between android and Windows.  So, it’s like very good news for android and windows users.

Microsoft Edge will be releasing History and Open Tabs Sync - Technology

Feature of History and an open new tab in Microsoft Edge

The feature of history and syncing tabs between PC and Mobile, for now, is only available on the beta version. These give an added benefit of syncing history across different versions of the browser. This news was confirmed by Windows Central. Windows Central stated that a user has confirmed that the feature is been added to Edge. The features are available on Edge Beta with versionn45.11.24.5118. The user has shared some screenshots, which showed that he got the updates on December 11. This simplifies that the feature may release for the rest users in the coming weeks.

Microsoft Edge will be releasing History and Open Tabs Sync - Technology

Using this feature is very simple, you just have to enable History and open Tabs sync in Edge. Open Microsoft Edge on your device with android and switch to settings. Choose your email address and then just simply sync. You will be able to check options for opening tab and history and then restart your browser. Wait for some time to let pages sync.

Edge has been giving options to sync data, favorites, passwords, and collections. But history option has been there for a long. With the introduction of this feature, users can now quickly switch over to another device to open the page they visited on another device. Edge already had an option that allowed sending opened websites from phone to pc. Now syncing history makes things more easy and convenient. It is expected that Microsoft edge is also working on syncing payments.

So, this is all about the new updates in Microsoft edge for their beta version. Hopefully, this will roll out for all the users very soon

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