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The current affairs in the gaming world are all about “Bully 2 by rockstar Games has been cancelled – Does this mean GTA 6 is coming soon?”. For further details and information check out this article.

About the Games

Bully 2 and GTA 6 are quite prominent games that many people around, love to play. Both the games are based on the action-adventure genre and Rockstar Games are the publishers for both of them. The similarity ends here.

Bully comprises of unique gameplay that includes the player to complete tasks and missions. This in return would enable them to make visible progress in the story. The player has to control the character who is depicted as a high-school teenager and help it tackle bullies and nerds.

GTA or Grand Theft Auto is a series of game in which the player’s character is playing the role of a criminal. This individual must accomplish the tasks and missions that he or she gets from the city’s underworld idols. On doing so, the character gets higher ranks in crime organisations and the players make progress through the storyline. Assassinations, taxi driving, firefighting, racing through the streets are few of the activities that the play must carry out to be successful.

Bully 2 called off due to GTA Release?

There is no official announcement regarding the release of Bully sequel- Bully 2. It’s so because the primary sequel itself got many unwanted criticisms and controversies. Later two reliable leakers namely, Tez2 and Yan2295 came out with the confirmation that Bully 2 was a work in progress. The game was under development since the late 2000s but it came to a halt at early 2010. As per leaks, this game went out totally in the year 2017. The word regarding its reason is, the publisher’s priorities took a turn.

In the year 2017, there came out a strong statement supporting the former message. The statement also made it clear that GTA 6 is the reason for the same. Since the sixth instalment is their biggest card yet and a promising winner, the publishers went ahead with GTA 6 investing their full production time in it.

There are no official statement or announcements which prove this thought, so we can’t provide the confirmed status. Until there are any other facts coming up, keep following our page for latest posts and reports.

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