WhatsApp’s New “Hacking” Scam in 2021 – Privacy protection and how to be safe ? : Technology

Guys, be alert the new hacking scam is going around with us in WhatsApp. What leads to the WhatsApp hack and how to get yourself safe from getting your WhatsApp hacked. For that, you need to stick with me and know about the new “Hacking” scam.


How Whatsapp hacking is done?

 WhatsApp's New

  • Ahead of New Year’s Eve festivities worldwide, WHATSAPP users have been placed on high alert about a new scam being spread on the chat app.
  • By using an especially suspicious-looking post, the scam is designed to trick users into thinking they have been hacked.
  • The alarming countdown ends with a text message indicating that 100 percent of your data has been compromised while users watch.
  • After that, WhatsApp users are told they have hacked their phones.
  • Hackers are just trying to fool you as they know everything about you like like have access to your gallery or your camera.
  • It’s just a scam don’t fall into it and report the number.

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How to get yourself safe from not being a victim:

 WhatsApp's New

  • Just be calm and don’t panic it’s just a scam don’t be get fooled.
  • If the hacker is asking for the money ignore it, you don’t need to give it because it’s a fake scam.
  • Report the number and block it.
  • And don’t share your WhatsApp pin or any other important information credentials with anyone.
  • Make sure to aware everyone around you about this WhatsApp hacking scam.

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