Spotify Podcast Bug – Loophole Allows People To Listen to Unreleased Songs : Technology

In this article we were going to give information about Spotify podcast Bug. 

Spotify a digital and a media service provider music service company founded in October, 2008. the company gives you access to millions of songs to people. Podcast were series of audio files that likely stored with podcast host company. To create an podcast you need to have Spotify account. It was an applications that we will find in mobiles and tablets for of hearing music.

Spotify Podcast Bug

Spotify Podcast Bug - Loophole Allows People To Listen to Unreleased Songs : Technology

Spotify an digital music service company have joined ranks with equal to YouTube and SoundCloud as most of popular songs provider to it’s users.  And it’s a music service company that doesn’t allow all remixes of songs.

  • Many fans of songs wants to remix their favorite songs with new tunes & song according to their interest and many fans will upload their remixes in YouTube and SoundCloud. According to Spotify it will not encourage remixes of songs.
  • And it Was Came to know that some clever people found out that there was a way to upload their remixed songs into Spotify podcast platform. so, they upload their remixes songs into Spotify podcast platform by neglecting Spotify terms and conditions of Spotify

Uploading of remix songs in Spotify creates an copyright Infringements and violation in terms and conditions of Spotify podcasters user agreement. In agreement it was noted in agreement that “Podcast will not intended to be a music distribution tool”. In order to find that remixed music tracks we can find by using ‘ chopped & screwed’ keywords.

Many of people have doubt how to stop that bug. according to information it was highly difficult to stop it. a music file original or remix music file will be of same type of file and we will came to know it was original or remix when it available to users only. but company was trying it’s effort to decrease that remix songs on Spotify.

Spotify On Copyrights

Spotify Podcast Bug - Loophole Allows People To Listen to Unreleased Songs : Technology

When knowing this issue Spotify inform in interview to ‘ Variety‘  they will badly will not encourage infringement of intellectual property rights. that music which were unreleased and remixed music will not be encouraged.

  • Also informed that company were taking measures in finding the people & artists who were doing copyright infringement and removing their artists and reducing unaccepting artists from Spotify podcast to all it’s users.
  • And it also Informed they will be serious if they received copyright infringement cases from owner that a music or artist published without taking permissions from owner of album those were punished according to lawsuit of that country. Some owner will don’t care of their artist or music reworked by some others those were no problems for that uploaders.

Spotify have many techniques to find that remixed songs. but also they were trying many techniques to remove that songs. finally, Spotify Inform to everyone they will not encourage remixes of music Or artists. And company will  remove remixed songs and music which will create copywrite infringe from owners.

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