Pokemon Go New Years Event 2021 – A Walkthrough Guide : Pokemon Go

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Here is an article detailing the Pokemon Go New Years Event 2021. I hope you have a knowledgeable time while going through it.

Pokemon Go

Niantic, The Pokemon Company, developed and published a world-famous game called Pokemon Go. It came under the series of Pokemon and came out on July 6, 2016. This game features unique and mythical creatures that are visible as AR objects on your device screen. According to the gameplay, the player must capture and train these species to win battles.

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Pokemon Go New Years Event 2021

For the 2021 New Year’s eve, Pokemon Go puts forth an exclusive celebration time for its players – Pokemon Go New Years Event 2021

Pokemon Go New Years Event 2021 - A Walkthrough Guide : Pokemon Go

This New Year event will last for four long days starting from December 31st, 2020, to January 4th, 2021. The start and end time will be 22:00 hours (10 pm) of the respective local time. The event comprises new tasks and activities that will lead to exciting costumes and other gifts on completion.

The 2 km Eggs will be hatching, and Pichu and Wynaut are the creatures that will be coming out of the. Pichu is said to be wearing a New Year’s hat, and Raticate, Wobbuffet, and Wurmple will be having party hats on their head. The latter three will occur with Klink and Espurr during on-star raid battles.

On the one hand, players will get access to Field Research through Pokestops spins, while on the other, they have a chance to gain New Year’s hat Pikachu and Party Hat Eevee. Obtaining the latter is possible only if the players complete the specific tasks since they are the rewards. If you finish the task- Catch 5 Pokemon, you will get Part Hat Pikachu while the Catch 10 Pokemon task will provide Party Hat Eve. New Year’s Slowpoke is available on finishing the Catch 20 Pokemon task.

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Event Bonuses | Pokemon Go New Years Event 2021

Double candy and double stardust are the special bonus obtained by every player when their egg hatches. Since the hatch distance gets halved, when the eggs are in the incubator during this event, make sure that the nearby eggs in the last phase of the event are placed in the incubator.

The trainers will have access to purchase special chest boxes. These boxes will carry various items, and they can be bought by simply using the in-game currency. Since its availability is only up to the event, make sure you don’t miss them out.

Pokemon Go New Years Event 2021 - A Walkthrough Guide : Pokemon Go

In addition to that, the in-app shops will have New Year’s Party Hat and other avatar accessories like 2021 glasses and much more. This shop opens exclusively by 30th December 2020, exactly at 4 pm EST. So, keep a check on your timezone and purchase the items before it runs out of stock.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Pokemon Go New Years Event 2021. To get more updates on Pokemon Go, follow us on Game Stanza.

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