Games done Quick 2021 will take place in January First Week : Technology

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Hey, Gamers! Here is a piece of good news for you all fans! your most awaited event is going to conduct on 3rd January 2021., that is Games done Quick 2021.

Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick event Organised by Games Done Quick, LLC. The founder of this game is Mike Uyama. It was initiate on 1st January 2010. The genre of this game is Video game Speedruns plus Video games charity.

Games done Quick 2021 will take place in January First Week : Technology

If you have already participated in the Games Done Quick event conducted on 16th August 2020. Then Definitely you will become a fan of Games Done Quick. The next event is going to conduct on 3rd January 2021. These events are live stream on Twitch. And most importantly after conducting the events they have raised money for several charities.

Games Done Quick 2021

Games Done Quick was also known for its Speed-running Charity Event. This event is host by Awesome Game Done Quick 2021 and stream on the Official Games Done Quick Twitch channel. Twitch Subscribers will definitely have fun by chatting on the Live. Games Done Quick 2021 was planned to stream from 3rd January 2021. We hope Gamers will have fun.

Despite moving online amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Online will find the world’s most immeasurable speed-runners racing through a mixture of modern and classic games, all in the name of charity. In this year 2021, They were planning on supporting Prevent Cancer Foundation. This money will surely go to Prevent Cancer Foundation. This team has already donated their charity to the respective treasures. So this event is much safer. You can easily transfer the money to the charity during the event.

Games done Quick 2021 will take place in January First Week : Technology

The previous year, more than 2500 people have attended Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 in person. And they have raised charity for Doctors Without Borders, AbleGamers, Organization for Autism Research. They have almost collected $3.16 million. This money has definitely gone for the respective treasures.

Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 was sponsored by Twitch, Fangamer, Yetee, Developer Digital, and NIS America.

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