How to change your name on Fortnite PS4 – Full guide! : Fortnite

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Are you too a ps4 player stuck with a groggy username on Fortnite. Don’t worry, here we are with a full guide on hHow to change your name on Fortnite PS4.

How to change your name on Fortnite PS4

Fortnite has a large and faithful playing base and there are a large number of people who play the game on consoles.

First step for every player is to choose a cool username, but chances are that you may have done that in a hurry ,or maybe your preferences have changed and you no longer like your username.

How to change your name on Fortnite PS4 - Full guide! : Fortnite

  • And like every other multiplayer game out there the username is the thing that makes you identifiable. So sharing someone’s username is weird and can be embarrassing.
  • So if you are a pc or a mobile user things are very simple for you you can just head over to the epic games website and change your username with ease. It works like a charm.

But the same thing doesn’t work in case of a ps4.

  • The reason behind this is that every ps4 has a Psn handle. This Psn handle is taken in an in -game name for fortnite. Well that’s a bummer no? 
  • No worries though we have a way by which you can change your Psn name and hence can get a user id of your choice for fortnite

Changing your PSN handle

Well changing your psn handle is actually quite simple enough but there is a problem.

Changing your Psn name on Ps4 is not free. Well you can do so for free for the first time but after that you’ll have to pay.

How to change your name on Fortnite PS4 - Full guide! : Fortnite

So, with that out of the way, now if you have your free chance left or if you are ready to spend some money follow these steps to change your Psn name:

     1. To change your Psn name on a Ps4 device:

  • Go to Settings
  • Head on to Account Management
  • Click on the Account Information option 
  • choose the Profile section
  • Select the option Online ID 
  • You’ll be taken to the online ID screen where you can enter your new Psn name.

     2. To change your name on a web browser 

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