Fortnite Stoke A Campfire – All Campfire Locations In Season 5 : Fortnite

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Winter is here! While our body might take its own time adjusting to the sudden decrease in temperature, online games have been adapting to the colder months quite well. For instance, and you know what we are going to talk about, Fortnite Stoke A Campfire. This pandemic has made a mess of our year-long formed plans for vacations and campfires but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy them in the virtual world. 

Fortnite Stoke A Campfire

Every new season of Fortnite comes with a lot of changes in its map. This season 5, chapter 2 of Fortnite has certainly made it a fun hunt for campfire locations in the wintertime climate. Having trouble finding the locations of the campfires? Don’t worry; we’ll help you out. 

Fortnite Stoke A Campfire - All Campfire Locations In Season 5 : Fortnite

You’ll want to complete the December Operation Snowdown Challenge by finding two campfire locations within close vicinity ASAP. The campfires may not be the best health source for you, but they can surely help you out when your player is in a jam. 

The campfire locations are in clusters around,

  • Sweaty Sands
  • Weeping Woods along with the south coast

The location of all the campfires is pretty widespread around the whole game’s map. 

For instance, Westward of Coral Castle, you will notice a little island with plenty of Campfires, and timber to stoke them with. Keep in mind that you will need to have thirty logs to stoke a campfire. You can light up a campfire again after it has burnt out.  Here’s a video reference if you want to know more;

Be Prepared In Advance

Get the wood before lighting the fire because if someone has already used when you were searching for more timber, you’ll need 300 more to turn it back on. Save yourself the hustle and be prepared with your logs well ahead. Pick up the speed and break a leg!

Press on the indicated button, and you can see the flame roaring!

Fortnite Stoke A Campfire - All Campfire Locations In Season 5 : Fortnite

Operation Snowdown began in Fortnite season 5 online in 18th December. The Winterfest challenge will go on till the 5th of January. We suggest you get your holiday sweaters and join the challenge. Since the cancellation of the Fortnite World Cup in 2021, Fortnite is expected to hold more in-game events.

So gear up for a fun new year in the virtual world of Fortnite. Until then, Stay tuned to Game Stanza for updates on Fortnite and the gaming world.

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