Red Dead online English Mace- Where to find English mace in Red Dead Redemption 2

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Keep on reading to know where to find the specific plant, English Mace in the game Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure game with the story set in 1899 in a dramatized interpretation of the Western, Midwestern, and Southern United States. Developed and published by Rockstar Games in 2018, this game is the third element in the Red Dead series. The gameplay elements consist of shootouts, heists, hunting, horseback riding, interacting with non-player characters, and upholding the character’s honor through ethical choices and actions.

Red Dead online English Mace


Given its open-world Western themed setting, I know this game might seem a bit old-school. But it is considered as an example of video games as a work of art by The New York Times and also received universal acclaim from critics. Being such a top notch game, it presents the players with quite tough missions and challenges.

Tasks to locate and collect a specific animal or plant on such widespread area take a lot of hard work. So that’s where we enter the picture. We deliver you the guide on where to find plant, English Mace.

Where to look for English Mace

In the single player game of Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll be able to encounter the pant after you complete the campaign. As this plant grows in a specific fraction of the map, it opens up when you successfully reach the Epilogue.

Red Dead online English Mace

You’ll be able to spot English Mace with the help of its tall yellow flowers on the banks of the Rio Bravo river, just South of Fort Mercer, in New Austin. We’re pinning the supposed locations marking them X.

Red Dead online English Mace

This particular plant can be used to prepare a lot of valuable items, such as Special Health Cures, seasoning to use in cooking, to poison weapons as well.

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