Light or Dark color Scheme – Best Features updates on Whatsapp in the year 2020 : Technology

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Get to know better about the light or dark color scheme and the best feature updates on Whatsapp in the year 2020. Enhance your screen time with these updated features.

What’s this scheme? | Light or Dark Color Scheme

Whatsapp was available in only one scheme- the light one. It’s the default scheme, which comprises of a simple white background. Dark Mode is a new feature whose introduction was the most awaited one in the year 2020. There were a lot of demands for this scheme because of two staple reasons.

  • It ensures relief to your eyes since a good amount reduces the brightness.
  • Although by a tiny margin, the brightness reduction automatically enables you to save your mobile battery.

Light or Dark colour Scheme - Best Features updates on Whatsapp in the year 2020 : Technology

The basic change in this dark scheme is the variation in the background color. Once you select the dark mode, all the sections in this app will have a dark grey color in their background. If you are not comfortable with it, you can always change, whenever you want. There are 3 simple steps for the same-

  1. Go to the settings section in Whatsapp.
  2. Select ‘theme’ under the chat section in settings.
  3. Switch to light or system default for restoring the default mode.

Follow the same steps to opt for dark mode, except you have to select dark in step 3.

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Other Updates | Light or Dark Color Scheme

Other than the dark scheme, there are four other highlighting updates that you must check out. All these updates were released in the year 2020.

Light or Dark colour Scheme - Best Features updates on Whatsapp in the year 2020 : Technology

New Storage Management Tool

In the recent version of Whatsapp, go to manage storage under storage and data in settings. You will be able to find the new storage management tool over there. It enables you to keep an eye on the media that you receive or send through this app. One can also permanently delete the unnecessary ones without much hassle. Thus, this tool ensures quick and easy handling.

Whatsapp Call Limit

Whatsapp video and audio call supported only 4 users at a time. But, since the pandemic struck, Whatsapp company raised the number of people who can participate in the call. Currently, eight users can have a quick chat via both audio and video calls in this app.

Whatsapp Payment

Payment is the newest addition in Whatsapp that came into play from 2020. Through this feature, spending and sharing money with your friends and family is possible. Once you setup your payment feature by adding the necessary account details, you can easily share and receive money over this application. The only thing to be noted is that the opposite person must be having a valid Whatsapp account.

Whatsapp Advanced Search

The searching process in Whatsapp has been taken to an advanced level. Now, anyone can search for anything because the keyword will be scanned through all the available chats, media files, links, and documents shared in Whatsapp.

I Hope all the details were clear and helped you utilize the Whatsapp application more quickly and judiciously.

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