Faze Clan Announced the winner of Faze 5 challenge – Who is Faxuty?

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Yesterday Faze Clan Announced the winner of the Faze Clan 5 Challenge who is none other than Faxuty. Today I will be telling more about the Faze Clan Challenge and about the Faxuty, So stay tuned.

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What is Faze Clan 5 Challenge?

  • Faze Clan is the most popular E-Sports and Entertainment organization.
  • Provides various gaming like Call of Duty, PUBG, Rainbow six siege, FIFA, Fortnite, and much more service across the globe.
  • Faze Clan 5 Challenge is a gaming competition between high-class gamers where they compete with each other and to play for the finale.
  • Any player from a gaming or nongaming background can take part in this challenge for more than 11 years age group.

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Who is the Faze Clan 5 Challenge Winner?

  • The winner of the Faze 5 challenge winner is Faxuty. 
  • Faxuty is a youtube streamer and gamer who streams games like Fortnite on his youtube channel.
  • He is also a partnered streamer at twitch where he streams his content and he has more than 47,400 followers, 13k+ subscribers on youtube, and more than 27K followers on Twitter.

What is the Prize money for Winners?

Faze Clan Announced the winner of Faze 5 challenge - Who is Faxuty?

  • The winner gets Nissan kicks SUV.
  • 20,000$ to the Winner.
  • Endorsement Contract from G FUEL for 3-6 months.

Who’s it going to be? #FAZE5

— FaZe Clan (@FaZeClan) September 4, 2020

The remaining top 20 finalists are:

The Players who reached the top 20 are

  • Zenon (9)
  • Lough (14)
  • Zogoro (22)
  • Cannaestia (35)
  • K1ng (14)
  • Montoya Twinz (20)
  • Scope (21)
  • RowdyRogan (6)
  • Proze (22)
  • HunterTV (20)
  • Conrady (20)
  • Flea (22)
  • NioRooch (20)
  • Virus (22)
  • Grant the Goat (17)
  • Milliam (15)
  • Stevie (19)
  • Cufboys (22)
  • Absorber (17)

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