Season of worthy-was it worthy enough?complete review: Destiny 2

The destiny 2 seasons of the worthy came and passed and indeed very ironic to its name it was not worthy at all. Here is our review of the latest season of the worthy of destiny 2 with all the good, bad and the ugly.. 

What was the season all about

Destiny 2 is known for its punctual release of seasons. Since its release in September 2017 Bungie , which is the game’s developer, has released a new season every quarter.

The latest season i.e., the season 10 or as it is named ” the season of the worthy” was released on march 10 and ended on june 9.

Much like every new season in Destiny, there was a roadmap i.e., a calendar of events that took place in the three months. Here is the list 

  • March 10- Seraph Tower Event including new PvE public events
  • March 13-Trials of Osiris including free 3v3 Crucible playlist
  • March 10 & 24-Seraph Bunker EDZ & Moon
  • April 7-Seraph Bunker 
  • April 21-Grandmaster Ordeal with new Nightfall Strike difficulty
  • April 21 – May 11 there were free events Guardian Games Destiny 2- Season of worthy

The story 

The last season ended with the guardians defeating the final remnants of the Red Legion, the army of Cabal. Defeated, yet revenge hungry Amte, a Psion directed the Red Legion’s ship “The Almighty” for a crash towards the earth and The last city. This is the same ship that is called sun-destroying and which the players disabled during the Red War campaign. The Guardians now have to work alongside Rasputin, the Warmind computer to avert the crisis by building a network of satellites.

The ultimate goal of the guardians was to destroy The Almighty before any damage was done to The Last City, the Traveler, and the Tower. 

But soon it became clear that it was too late.The ship appeared in the sky above the Tower two weeks before the season ended, And on June 6, Rasputin had to blow the ship up in low orbit though this led to some amount of damage to the social space by the debris of the ship.

The season ended with this as the guardians take a sigh of relief on the destruction of the ship.

The verdict 

Okay, first the good things. The storyline was quite impressive with lots of cool scenes and dialogues. The reiteration of passages for the trails was a very welcome and Innovative idea and plus the aesthetics of the trail gears were quite cool too.

Destiny 2- Season of worthy

The reintroduction of  TRIALS OF OSIRIS was also a very welcome move. But that is about all that we can say was good about the season, all the rest was downright repetitive , non – rewarding and highly boring.

It felt like some of the things like the fell winter quest for example, was not properly designed and were just completed in a hurry.

The tower events which were shoved in between that felt like a foundation failure. Same was the case for the bunkers, which were very confusing and the lost sector which was not rewarding at all. Like after doing it once or twice and receiving crap rewards, the players lose the urge to do it.

To cap it all was the most boring grind we’ve seen in quite some time, it never felt like there was a goal, There was just a grind based on a weak story and that’s it.


All this makes it very hard for a player to come back and play the game again, though past records tell us that destiny 2 has been a great game so far. So we shall wait and hope that Bungie makes an improvement in the coming season. Fingers crossed….

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