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We are going to discuss the Doom Eternal Hell on Earth Secrets. During this Pandemic this game will be fun for all Check it out! If you guys want to know about this can have a look at this article.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Hell on Earth Secrets - Hell on Earth locations and tips & tricks for locations

The genre of Doom Eternal is a First-person shooter game. The mode of Doom Eternal is both a single-player and multiplayer video games. Doom Eternal was Developed by id Software. And published by Bethesda Softworks. This game was released on 20th March 2020 for Windows, Xbox One, Stadia, and PS4. This game has been nominated in the Game awards for 2020, The Best action game, The Game of the year.

Doom Eternal Hell on Earth Secrets

There are three secret toys in Hell on Earth.

  • The first toy is the Zombie toy.

When you reach the lower section, you will see a question mark hidden behind a wall to the right. To access this task reaches the end of the room. You will find a breakable wall you can hit a melee attack towards West. Destroy it and follow the path down and around. And when you reach the end turn around and double jump then grabs the Secret Zombie Toy.

  • The second toy is the Doom slayer.

After grabbing the Zombie toy, Follow the corridor, and around you will definitely find the Doom slayer. This secret toy is pretty difficult because the developer doesn’t clearly mention the question mark on the map. You must punch through the breakable wall as you did before. Where you took the Zombie toy, look up and jump twice with lifting the zombie toy. And finally, you will see the Doom slayer in the Hallway.

  • The third toy is IMP.

Go to the shopping section with the help of a map. You should search for the broken truck to the left of the store. The player should run along with the truck and jump across the second level of the store. The second level of the store is called Shuz. Jump down the elevator Shaft to grab the toy IMP.

Cheat code Location in Hell on Earth.

Get to the section where you first encounter a tentacle with the help of a map. When you reach there you will see the question mark above the tentacle in a tunnel above. The player should keep going down the hallway for the cheat code. To your right, you will notice the red room with an open vent, Smash that vent, go down the tunnel and grab the cheat code.

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