Final Fantasy XIV 8.64 update – Released on ps4 latest update : Top trending

This article will explain everything that you need to know about the Final Fantasy XIV 8.64 update. So, kindly read the article till the end for all the information.

Final Fantasy XIV 8.64 update, Latest Updates

Square Enix launched the huge Final Fantasy XIV 5.4 patch just two weeks ago. It brought new content, improvements in gameplay, and more.

Final Fantasy XIV 8.64 update

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The following problems were resolved.

  • A problem where an unseen wall stopped players from going through a central shroud spot (X: 17.5 Y: 19.0).
  • A problem in the Central Shroud where certain background graphics did not appear correctly.
  • An issue where some of the graphics in the Firmament did not appear correctly.
  • The problem where the completion of the Void Quests stopped players from advancing through those function quests throughout the Current Game+.
  • An issue where, under certain conditions, the NPC Mikoto dialog in Gangos appeared blank.
  • A problem in which the 724P-operated superior flight unit (Alpha), the 767P-operated superior flight unit (B-eta), and the 772P-operated superior flight unit (C-hi) did not appear in the Puppets’ Bunker.
  • A problem in Mt. Gulg where the Typhoon Wing’s visual effects were shown wrongly during the war against Forgiven Brutality.
  • An issue in Frontline in which the Coalition Details for Order of the Twin Adder was not correctly shown on the results panel.
  • A problem in which the visual results of the Doom of the Living limit split did not appear properly in some circumstances.
  • An issue in which player characters suffer damage from attacks in certain scenarios while standing outside of the markers of action.
  • An issue in which maintenance equipment was not shown properly under such circumstances in the visual effects of player characters.
  • A problem in which the graphic of the Elemental Wheel indoor furnishing object was not correctly shown.
  • An issue where, after toggling the visor, the graphic of the Bozjan aiming hood did not appear correctly on Viera.
  • A problem wherein the graphic of No.2 Type B leggings on Lalafell did not appear correctly for such footgear.
  • A problem in which the Hrothgar riding action on the Dhalmel mount did not show properly.
  • An issue where the game is forced to leave after accessing the Party Finder window via chat shortcut links under these circumstances:
    • Selecting Recruit Members from the submenu of Duty Finder.
    • In the Blue Mage Log pane, pick Recruit Members.
  • A problem where, when the Ready Check window was opened, the key command or inventory sub-menu would often not open.
  • A problem in which incorrect icons for un-selected pieces are seen in the following menus while using the Classic UI theme.

This is the last update for the 2020 game. But don’t forget, an event is scheduled for early next year that will address the future plans of the game.

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