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controller grips for oculus quest 2 had made available by VR covers for sale

Credits: VR

controller grips were fantastic and stylish VR system with good design. That helps us to control the game easily without any problem.  VR covers have also given features like grip release and free up our hand once in a while and keeping controllers of game safely attached to you. that will increase interest of more time to play with less struggle.

VR covers made these controller grids specially for oculus Quest 2. To provide gamers with less risk of playing games.

According to information available in VR cover store. the grips came with non-slip material with a textured surface for better grip control. and the grips were came with elastic knuckle strap that will easily adjusted to different sizes of hands with no struggle.

Strapping controllers to hands helps you to have better gaming experience and no-worries of dropping them. And also grips help you to stay much more time experience the game without worries and struggle.

The price of controller grips oculus Quest 2 will be : $29(Across all stores of VR)

Colors available: Dark Grey, Light Grey.

credits: VR
credits: VR

Package sets will include: pair of controller grips(available Dark, light Grey)


Want To Buy? : Visit The Website At Your Preferred Location.

FAQ’s On Controller Grips For Oculus Quest 2

Clean Of controller grips?: can be clean using microfiber & anti-bacterial cloth.

Can we use for other headset?: NO.

Does grip cover controllers?: NO

I Have to remove grip open of battery?: Yes

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