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Reverse Boosting in Warzone is currently the most discussed topic, and you’re on the exact page where I will guide you on how to reverse boost in Call of Duty: Warzone. Warzone is a game that came too challenging at some point.

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What Is Reverse Boosting in Warzone?

To get the easy level lobbies, Call of Duty: Warzone streamers are reverse boosting their accounts. Reverse boosting is the process of making your match easier by making you believe that you’re a worse player than you actually think you are. In Warzone, the matchmaking system pairs you with other players of the same skill level as you are.

In reverse boosting, you’re taking advantage of Warzone’s SBMM(Skill-Based Matchmaking Mechanic), where you get yourself in the matches where you don’t belong because you can have a high kill count for games. The Skill-Based Matchmaking Mechanic (SBMM) is meant to play players of similar skills with each other so they can enjoy the game and do not end up getting killed by highly skilled players, and people take advantage of this and reverse boost.

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What is a Skill-Based Matchmaking Mechanism(SBMM)?

Skill-Based Matchmaking Mechanism(SBMM) is a matching system where players are placed in online matches to play with similar skill level opponents. Highly skilled people are matched with other highly skilled opponents while the lower-skilled tend to match other low-skilled players. And the players who are medium-skilled(not as good as high skilled but much better than lower-skilled players) will get paired with similarly skilled players, too.

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Based on stats, high-skilled, mid-skilled, or low-skilled players are marched. Player stats include the total number of wins, the total number of matches played, average kills per game, etc. Then will generate matches for players with similar skills. This way, you are always matched with other players whose skills are the same. This will improve you as a player, and you will be put into matches with better opponents.

Skill-Based Matchmaking Mechanism is designed to make multiplayer gaming more interesting and competitive. Developers don’t want their audience to get bored of Warzone, so they use skill-based matchmaking to make it more challenging and fun. However, many players are displeased with the matching system, including high skilled payers who tend to get bored to play with newbie players.

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Reverse Boosting to Ruin Warzone Tournaments

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In the Warzone tournament rules, Vikkstar (Vikkstars Warzone Showdown) specifies that teams are limited to an 8.5 KD ratio cap. Therefore, if you outperform that ratio, say you get 9 kills for every death, you can’t compete.

So, there you go, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about the Reverse boosting in Warzone. Keep in mind that if you can think of reverse boosting in the game, so can the opponents, so be prepared for the worst.

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