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A new addition in terms of game mode is made to the game called Fortnite Spy Within. According to many reports this is truly inspired by today’s popular game Among Us. The most obvious reason behind this is, Among us was one of the most searched Video games on Google Playstore last month and it earned a huge popularity in a very short time. As told by Fortnite, players will begin the spy within mode by being informed which team they are in, but the duties of the rest of the players is not disclosed.

Fortnite spy within - Gamestanza

Fortnite Spy Within Gameplay

Fortnite spy within - Gamestanza

It is a 10 player game in which 8 players are agent Butler’s while,rest two are spies. In this mode two gamers are from the spy team and have to remove all other players without getting caught. The rest of the players aim is to complete the objectives given in the map around a mansion, and won’t be able to talk to others unless they are voting any spies out. There are some extra challenges that can be unlocked in this mode, which includes playing at least 5 matches, completing a total of 25 tasks while you are an agent. Unlocking these tasks makes a chance for the players to get some exclusive cosmetic rewards, a skate pack and some additional prizes related to Christmas.

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How to play?

In Fortnite, Like among us the agent builders can call a meeting when they suspect someone to be the spy. In order to call a meeting, players have to pull a red button which is to be found at a central location. Built in voice system can be used to voice chat, Houseparty App can be used to video chat with other players as well. On the other hand spies responsibility will be to eliminate all the agents by doing sabotage. Same as among us there is an emergency cooldown of 30 seconds before their weapons will be ready. They will also have an option of buying spy rooms that is same as vents in among us.

It is likely that more challenges and rewards will be added to this mode in the near future.

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