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Eric Engstrom was an American software engineer who developed DirectX with the help of 2 of his friends, Alex St. John and Craig Eisler. DirectX is an Application Programming Interface (API) that was developed for Microsoft Windows, which made Windows be a viable gaming platform. But we will not talk about DirectX in this article. In this article, we will discuss Eric Engstrom Net Worth 2020 and its Key role in DirectX development.

Please read this article till the end to understand everything about Eric Engstrom Net Worth in 2020 and their role in developing Microsoft DirectX.

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About Eric Engstrom

eric engstrom net worth 2020 - Gamestanza

Eric Engstrom was born in 1965 in Oroville city in Washington. He went to Washington State University to attend his college, but unfortunately, he left the college without completing his degree. After that, he started working at different places to earn some money, and while doing that, he was learning a programming language.

After some time, he decided to join Microsoft at the suggestion of his friend. He first started as a consultant for customer support. After the consultant job had finished, he was then allowed to work as a full-time worker in Microsoft and Data I/O. He took the Data I/O job since they were offering him much more salary than Microsoft. After a few years, he quit the job in Data I/O and again went back to Microsoft as a general manager post in 1991.

After a few years, he was taken in by Alex St. John and Craig Eisler to find a solution to develop a video game interface for the Windows Platform. All three of them started working to create a programming interface in 1994. Later in 1995, they had developed an API (Application Programming Interface) for Windows 95 name “DirectX” which made Microsoft Windows a viable gaming platform.

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Eric’s  Death

Eric Engstrom Net Worth 2020 - Gamestanza

The gaming world has lost its true hero of gaming. The creator of DirectX, Eric Engstrom, passes away at 55. He died on 1 December 2020 due to an injury. With Alex St. John and Craig Eisler, Eric Engstrom are the major backbone in the development of DirectX, but who knew that we would get to hear one of the gaming world heroes ‘ death.

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Eric Engstrom Net Worth 2020

Net Worth - Gamestanza

Eric Engstrom Net Worth: $127 Millon

Earning Per Month: $833,333

Earning Per Day: $27,397

Earning Per Hour: $1,141

Earning Per Minute: $19.03

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