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Minecraft is one of the most popular games that everyone loves to play. Minecraft is a game where players are supposed to craft materials, explore the world and they can also build big buildings in the game. However, most of the players wants to know how to get Diamond Portal in Minecraft.

Well, this article will explain everything about How to get Diamond Portal Minecraft, so read the article completely to understand how to get the Diamond Portal.

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Diamond Portal in Minecraft

How to get Diamond Portal in Minecraft

As we know, Diamonds are the most valuable and scarce mineral/ resource in Minecraft and real life.

There is no such thing as diamond Portal in vanilla Minecraft. But if you like the sight of Diamonds, then you might consider downloading the Diamond Portal Mod for Minecraft. This mod lets you go to a dimension full of diamonds. Every block surrounding you will be Turn into diamonds.

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How does this Mod Work?

How to get Diamond Portal in Minecraft

You can make this portal Just like the Nether world’s portal. But here, you will need to place fourteen blocks of diamonds in case of obsidian. If you don’t know how to make a portal follow these steps. First, place 4 blocks of diamonds horizontally and then place 3 blocks parallel to each other above both ends of the horizontally placed diamonds. Then place another 4 blocks on top parallelly placed to the horizontally placed diamonds below, creating a 2/6 block hollow. And your diamond portal is ready.

Now all you need to do is light any of the diamond blocks in the middle hollow with lighter(Flint and steel) to active it.

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Effects after Enabling the Portal

How to get Diamond Portal in Minecraft

The world around will Turn into and work full of diamond blocks and ores. Sometimes the blocks which are far does not turn into diamonds. To turn them to diamond, all you need to do is turn down the rendering distance (View distance) Chunks quality to zero and then turn it to the maximum. What this will do is it will stop rendering the far blocks when you decrease Rendering quality to zero and then reload/re-render them again with diamond blocks.

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