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Who doesn’t like shortcuts? , maybe it’s in life or it’s in-game. Yeah, here we are going to talk about an exciting GTA 5 Online Money Glitch which lets you earn a lot of money in a very easy way but make sure that you perform this glitch before rockstar fixes it in the next patch update.

For a long time, GTA players are trying to uncover money cheats in GTA Online. All the GTA players must be aware that there is no money cheat or hacks in GTA as few players have encountered some money glitches.

SOLO* GTA 5 MONEY GLITCH | GTA 5 Online Money Glitch!! GTA 5 Solo Car Duplication Glitch! - YouTube

There are many sites which state they provide free money but don’t ever indulge on those sites. Be aware of Scams as some of that may lead to a permanent account ban in GTA 5 online money glitch. There are many honest ways to earn money, but then there are glitches too, which are still unexplored.

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Earn Millions by Selling Cars

gta 5 online money - Gamestanza

(This is a “solo” money glitch)

  • Steal any streetcar and bring it to Los Santos customs.
  • Spray the car again as crew colour.
  • Drive out of Los Santos custom.
  • While coming out, reverse the car and place it slightly mid of the garage so that the door remains open. Then blow up your car.
  • Start mission “A Titan of a Job”.
  • Launch your mission solo.
  • Kill(blow) yourself so that the mission fails.
  • Now you have to click on freemode. You will be brought to GTA online load screen session.
  • When your loading session ends, steal a new car and bring it into Los Santos Customs.

How to exit LS customs? - Arqade


  • Respray the car again as crew colour. Buy a Tracker (you can buy it from “tracker and full coverage section”).
  • From the main menu go to the option online and then “launch creator”.
  • While in creator mode, click the options in following ways –

Go to Online –> Play GTA Online –> Invite Only Session

  • Seat back in the car you customised and go back to Los Santos Customs.
  • Go to the sell option. Sell the car as soon as possible. From Option menu go to the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store. It will load for approx 2 minutes.
  • You will get an alert. Accept the alert. You should get around 1-2 Million.


gta 5 online - Gamestanza

If you didn’t get, make sure you followed all steps carefully. If you get money, you may repeat it. Do it as much as time as you can and earn millions.

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How to execute The GTA 5 online money glitch?

gta 5 online money glitch - Gamestanza

In order to execute the GTA 5 online money glitch without losing and money, you have to head over to the betting section in the Diamond casino and start placing your bets. Choose a horse with a decent chance to win the race. Then you have to place your bet. Now all you have to do is watch if your horse is winning or losing. If your horse is winning, you can walk out of the casino as a rich person, but if your horse is losing, close the game before the race is complete.

Once you close GTA Online, open it and Visit Diamond Casino. You will notice that you did lose any of your betting chips. Then you can start this process all over again and repeat until you win and become rich.

The consequence of Performing the money glitch

gta  - Gamestanza

We expect Rockstar Games to come up with a Solution and remove this glitch. There is a chance that Rockstar may wipe your account data to a brand new account if you are caught using this glitch, so use it at your own risk. We suggest you perform heists as much as you can if you need money. Else there are many more opportunities to make money.


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