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who is idubbbz girlfriend? “Idubbbz girlfriend selling nudes, ” As the news spread like fire, online fans went mad about his girlfriend. Everyone started wondering what have been Anisa’s Background.

Who is idubbbz?


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Ian Carter, better known online as Idubbbz, is an American YouTuber and Comedian who is the creator of successful YouTube channels like iDubbbzTViDubbbzTV2, and iDubbbzgames

With the creation of the Comedy video series Content Cop, Bad unboxing, and Kickstarter Crap, he gained immense followers all over the world and on social media.

Apart from his Creative Videos on youtube, Idubbbz also made the top stories for his relationship with his girlfriend, Anisa Jomha. Being a social media influencer, Anisa Jomha, recently revealed that she would be selling her nudes to a popular website, Playboy magazines. It is rumored about Playboy, but we will burst the Rumor as soon as we get the news. With such shocking news, Idubbbz fans have been wondering what Anisa Jomha’s background is?

Who is Anisa Jomha?

Anisa Jomha 🧀 on Twitter: "Guys: "I can totally tell fake tits from real, it's so obvious" Guys after I post pics in a push up bra: "DID YOU GET A BOOB
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Anisa Jomha is a famous social media influencer and an inspired YouTuber. Anisa Jomha, who recently made it to the top stories for her news joining an adult website. She has been collaborating with her BF, Idubbbz, with his youtube videos. Anisa Jomha is also a Twitch Steamer, as she often streams herself while playing video games.

Amisa Jomha has been into the limelight after being banned from Twitch on a temporary basis, although the reason was unclear. According to the speculations, it was due to a few strikes on her twitch channel.

Relationship with Idubbbz

Idubbbz girlfriend Anisa Jomha is now a paid model? Read more about her
Credit: Youtube

Idubbbz’s relationship with Anisa Jomha is traced back to 2011 when they first interacted on the internet and went on a Serious Relationship after that. According to the Reports, Idubbbz supports her GirlFriend, Amisa Jomha, With her decision to sell nudes for an Adult website.


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