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    GTA Online weekly update. GTA Online is a Trendy game of its genre. This game has a huge fan base that is still playing this game, and to keep their fans busy, and excited Rockstar games Give this game a weekly update every Thursday with new content. GTA online receives a content update every week, such as podium vehicles, Discounts on certain items, triple rewards, etc.

    GTA online weekly update :

    I have bought too many bad cars in GTA Online
    Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

    We will provide you with the detail of the weekly update every week as soon as the new week’s updates get the content.

    19th November 2020’s update:

    GTA Online - Yacht Gameplay and Tour [Executives and Other
    Credit: YouTube
    This  update contains A superyacht life missions, Triple Rewards in landraces, double rewards in some missions, and more.

    Earn Triple Rewards Bonus on GTA$ and RP by :

    • Participating in A superyacht Life Mission.
    • Participating in land races.


    Earn Double Rewards Bonus on GTA$ and RP by :

    • Participating in Gerald’s Last Play Missions,
    • Complete Diamond Adversary Series,
    • Finish Running Back(Remix).

    To win the blue dot Tech mask as a bonus :

    • A player has to win an event business battle this week.

    Weekly Discounts in GTA online weekly update :

              (30% off)

    • All yachts
    • yachts upgrades and modification
    • All Boats
    • Truffade Thrax(40% off)
    • Progen T20
    • Dinka Sugoi
    • WidowMaker
    • Up-n-Automiser
    • Unholy Hellbringer

    Lucky wheels rewards in GTA online weekly update :

    • RP,
    • Gta$(cash),
    • Clothing,
    • Overflod Autarch.

    More about GTA online weekly update :

    • Players who have contributed and Participated in the Heist Event last week Will Get Their Special badge of Honor this week.
    • And because of the Heist Challenge Goal fulfilled, the Rockstar game will reward all players with a new Special Vehicle during the launch week of the Big December update for GTA Online.
    • Players who Have already Linked their Social club and Rockstar Games account to prime Gaming and play GTA Online this week will be rewarded with 200,000 Gta$, and they may also get the Vespucci Nightclub for free and the imponent nightshade at 80% off and a 70% off on Declasse DR1.


    Stay tuned for next week’s update.

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