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About Valorant

Here is all you need to know about Valorant tips and tricks, First let’s talk about the game. Valorant is a tactical first-person shooter, and a multiplayer game developed and published by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. Riot games Developers Developed this game on unreal engine 4  and first teased Valorant with the codename Project A in October 2019, Later on, the game began a closed beta period with limited to few users on April 7, 2020, and officially released the game on June 2, 2020. The best thing about this game is its free to play and has deficient system requirements.

Valorant tips and tricks
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As we all know, valorant is a very competitive and tactical shooting game. It can be very challenging for beginners or the first-timers because of the community players who have been playing it for a long time so to ease that we are sharing some Valorant tips and tricks which will be divided into two categories beginner and advanced.

Valorant tips and tricks for New players and beginners:

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  • Walking :

    We all know walking silences a player’s footsteps and makes it difficult for other players to get your location info or what is your next move as it will really help you, especially when are flanking your opponents but walking every time slows the game pace and makes it difficult for other players to coordinate with you. In order to know when to walk and plan the perfect strike, you must Give perfect callouts.

  • Shooting :

    Shooting is Really Important in this game as it helps you to eliminate your opponents. To win a shooting battle, you need to be more precise than other competitors.
    To get a Precise aim, try to stay still while firing because if you move while aiming your bullet won’t hit the target as the game shooting mechanic has a bullet spray pattern and bullet spread increases.

  • Abilities :

    Abilities are as important as Shooting and opening various options to tackle your opponents. Helping your teammate with your ability to win the game or saving it for the perfect time to win.
    Creating a gap or distraction to flank, healing and many more you can learn from the game experience.

  • callouts and communications :

    Callouts are the most important part of while playing as it will help you to communicate with your teammates. Callout means giving information about your opponent’s location and their next move if possible.
    Communication is similar to the callout, but in this case, you make sure you are helping your teammate from the opponent and defending your site or planning your next move, baiting, faking strikes, and good communication always fill the gap of bad aimers.

  • Sounds :

    Sounds are really Important in this game. Listening footsteps and judging your opponents’ next move can be very helpful and sometimes it will help you win and take out your opponent off guard. There is no excuse if your opponents made too much noise behind you and still catches you off guard.

Valorant tips and tricks for Intermediate and Advanced players:

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Credit: Valorant
  • Weapon Roles :

    Learning your weapon role is very important as it defines your playstyle there are two weapon roles Sniping and Rifling. You can play Deathmatches, and Unrated to search your weapon role finding your role may quiet take some time if you are new and remember you can be good at both. Still, your natural weapon role will be your dominating weapon even if you practice a lot with other weapons.

  • Weapon Firing type  :

    This section is only for all the automatic rifle users. There are three weapon firing type single, automatic and Burst fire, you can either be the master of all firing type and use it situationally or be the master of one. We prefer to take your time and master of all of them and use situationally later on.

  • Shooting movements :

    Shooting movements or moving while shooting is essential because we all know how easy it is to kill an idle target. Moving while shooting is inaccurate as mentioned above on beginners topic but strafing or crouching will help you to defeat your opponent on 1 vs 1 situation easily. Take your time and practice it, and it will help you a lot in-game.

  • Bullet penetration through the wall :

    Bullet penetration through the wall or wall bang is the best way to Knock an opponent off guard without facing them and for that, you need to learn which weapons penetrate walls and which part of map walls are penetrable Operators, Vandal and Odin are best for wall bang.

  • Crosshair and Crosshair placements :

    Crosshair and Crosshair placements are the most important things in valorant as it will help you to shoot so make a comfortable crosshair on crosshair tabs on the settings menu, crosshair placement is nothing but placing the crosshair on the right positions so that even if your opponents peeks you, you will have a chance to knock them. Placing it on edges and certain entry angles are best places, and you can explore it by playing more matches.

  • Economy :

    The most important Valorant tips would be ECONOMY. Economy of this game is the most important part as it helps you to buy your weaponry. So you have to wisely choose what to buy if you lose one or two rounds. Try maintaining the economy with your team because you can’t win any game solo without communication. It is okay to eco one round and loose. The best way to maintain your team eco is to try planting the spike every round.

  • Being a good player :

    Being a good player is important as we all know the team with toxic players have less chance to win a match. So try to be more cooperating and a being a nice player even if you are loosing.

  • Bonus :

    Everything matter on your practice and game experience so learn from your losses and dominate your opponents from what you learned and never be afraid to lose. As losing and winning is part of learning.

So these are some tips for new players and beginners like you. Hope you find it useful happy gaming.


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