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With the ancient era of Counter-Strike, we have come across a lot of bugs and reports which were ultimately inevitable and unavoidable. Right now, we have come across CSGO smoke glitch.

This time around, a game-breaking smoke bug seems to be hampering many CS: GO players as it allows the user to see through the smoke ultimately.

I can see the Anti aliasing shadowing through smoke.
Credit: GlobalOffensive

According to the Russian YouTuber, GeloM16, the one-way smoke is a bug that is being exploited, and all it takes to activate this bug is merely renaming one game file and creating a clone of another game file. 

CS:GO Smoke Glitch  Users To See Through Smoke

The following bug is an exploit as it requires players to tinker with the game files manually to enable the bug in-game. The two simple steps mentioned above turn the cloud of smoke from a ‘Smoke Grenade’ invisible for the user, enabling them to see through it clear as day without the opponents having any idea that they are apparent.

Many have pointed out that Russian YouTuber ‘Shoke CS:GO‘ was one of the first people to bring this exploit into the limelight where he shows the working of the bug in-game.

From the video, one can see that after tinkering the game files, when the user throws a smoke, it turns invincible for him unless and until the user gets close to where the smoke grenade has been thrown.

As for the opponents and even other players on the user’s teams, all they see is the usual smoke cloud where the grenade pops.

Both the Russian channels mentioned above have claimed that while players were getting to know about this bug just last week, it has existed for a long time.

‘GeloM16’ in the description of his video has stated that this is not a new bug but is quite an old one which is long forgotten, all he has done is recreated it differently, and surprisingly, it worked.


Not only this, many other CS:GO players have noticed this smoke glitch

see through smoke glitch: smoke + molotov from r/csgo

See how Tarik “tarik” Celik exploits a one way smoke: 


Well this isn’t actually exploiting or any kind of illegal way of smoking in CS:GO but still it might get tricky when you are in a intense gaming situation.


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