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We all have been waiting for new updates from Valve. Lately, there have been a few rumours about porting Source 2 into CS: GO. In this article, we will discuss the Real or Fake updates from Valve about CS: GO Source 2.

What is Source engine?

csgo source 2
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Source is a 3D game engine that is developed by Valve. Counter-Strike: Source then substituted it with GoldSrc in June 2004. Later on, Source released another First-Person Shooter (FPS) game, Half-Life 2, in November. Half-Life 2 also won 39 Game of the Year awards, and it has been considered the greatest game of all time. Source does not have a version numbering scheme as most of the other engines or games has. Instead of having a version numbering scheme, it is designed in constant incremental updates. Later on, it was removed by the late 2010s, replacing it with Source 2.

What is CS:GO Source 2?

CSGO: Source 2 Coming To CSGO Soon?
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 As we all know how long has Valve been taking to implement source two on CS: GO, fans are still waiting for Valve to release source 2 for CS: GO.

CS: GO Source 2 is a better and upgraded version of the source engine with realistic graphics, better performance, and newer game mechanics. It might be later implemented on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). Source 2 for CS: GO is a bunch of systems code rewrites and better hit boxes of every part of the character model and better-optimized gameplay for CS: GO.

When will it be announced?

CSGO Source 2 could release "by end of next year"
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As there is no official word from Valve about releasing/porting source two on CS: GO. There are only rumours, leaks, and predictions worldwide about Source 2 engine mentioned below.

As we all know, the porting of source two on CS: GO speculations started earlier in the march this year and has already been proved wrong not once but twice.

Announcement on Social media

Yet on Twitter, there is a Counter-Strike: Global offensive insider named Nors3 reveals the CS: GO Source 2 will happen, and he also states that the update might be released in late 2020 or early 2021. He Tweeted a post on Twitter enlightening the Source 2 porting for CS: GO. In the update, he says his intentions are only to calm the hype of the fan base of the source two engines for CS: GO, and he specifically mentioned that “CS: GO” is definitely happening, but at the moment, the CS: GO code is a bit messed up.

He also quoted that a significant amount of work will be required at the moment to make the port possible, “So don’t expect it before late 2020”. Nors3 also mentioned that there is a high chance that the update might not be released this year at all, as there are many things that are involved for the port to come out “and working at home make(s) it difficult.”

According to this tweet by Nors3, we can’t expect CS: GO to be ported to Source 2 engine this year or early 2021.

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