Elden Ring Diallos Quest Guide

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Guide

The Diallos’ quest was available from the start of Lands Between. When you reach Lurnia on the lake, his questline begins normally, but you’ll encounter him for the first time after completing Jar-Bairn’s task. Diallos’ history is related to Jar-Bairn’s task and the Volcano mission

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Guide

The number of objectives necessary to be completed in the game is staggering, and it’s all too easy to overlook those you’ve spoken with. The initial major patch added new icons to help you keep track of individuals, but you might still be unsure what to do next. Here’s how to complete the Diallos quest in Elden Ring.

Where is Diallos, the Elden Ring’s location?

After first sighting Dialos at the Roundtable, you may find him again after reaching Liurnia in the Lake District. Head to the Academy Gate Town Site southeast of Raya Lucaria Academy and look for him approximately north-east, standing on one of the rooftops. To see the full screen, click anywhere outside the frame.

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Guide


Talk to him, exhaust his conversation, then return to the roundtable and search for him in his former position. He’ll remind you of receiving an invitation after your next encounter with him.

Visit Volcano Manor to see Dialos.

When you’ve finished the Mount Gelimir component of the campaign, return to Ivalice and talk to Meliadoul about a new business opportunity. Now you should go exploring the land until you reach Mt. Gelmir and enter Volcano Estate. To gain entry to Diallos’ chamber, you must become a Recusant.

You may continue the story by completing the Volcano Manor quest chain. Dialos will ask you to return after your contract is completed, at which time you’ll have to face Juno Hoslow.

where to find yarbourg

Elden Ring Diallos Quest Guide

The final stage of the Diallos quest takes you to Liurnia of the Lakes’ Jarburg. The ruins of the Grace Gate Town Bridge may be reached quickly by traveling north from Carrian’s study and then east to the cliffs located in the south. It is specified in our Elden Ring Jar-Bairn Quest guide that it

You must now talk to Jar-Bairn in order to continue on with the plan. You’ll be asked if you’re the new Potentate, so say yes. Run out of conversation and reload the area – fast travel or resting at the grace site are your only alternatives. Talk to Jar-Bairn again.

Find and interact with Dialos one more time in one of the cottages. Talk to Diallos and Jar-Bairn again until they say something new, then relax at the nearby Grace site. If you perform this, the night will pass swiftly. Diallos may now be found in Jarburg’s center. When prompted, pick “You defend them.” Pick up Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Diallos’ Mask, and a Numen’s Rune after speaking with Jar Bairn one last time.

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