Google is forcing YouTube Vanced to Shut Down!

Google is forcing YouTube Vanced to Shut Down!

Google is shutting down the YouTube premium variant clone software, which provided all of the features for free, as it takes out its sword to legally file a case against the platform. The creators of the platform Vanced claim that the service will be disconnected from the internet in the next few days, and all of the download links will be deleted. The founders added that “due to legal issues,” they had decided to cease operating Vanced.

Google is forcing YouTube Vanced to Shut Down!

Vanced is no longer accessible, according to the Vanced website right now. Vanced Official stated that anybody who has the app on their phone can continue to use it, as long as they have not deleted it. Google is forcing YouTube Vanced to Shut Down! However, these persons should not expect to get any new updates for the software, and they are likely to become out-of-date in two years or so, as the account was.

Vanced is a premium version of the YouTube app that’s completely free and aids you in getting rid of all the aggravating video advertising you get with a free YouTube account nowadays. After the most recent developments, Vanced has its own dark style and, as a result, it has definitely increased interest. And those who use the platform on a daily basis are unhappy with the upgrade. They have even started searching the internet for other platforms that provide services similar to Vanced.

If you’re looking for a way to stop YouTube advertising on your videos, try these alternatives instead:


New Pipe is a Vanced-like service for YouTubers who get free access to all of the videos on Android phones. NewPipe provides premium features like background play, ad-free video streaming, the ability to download videos, and picture-in-picture mode. Because New Pipe is not linked to Google in any manner, You will not be able to access material from the middle, and even the user interface may take some getting used to.

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