SEGA about to launch “Project Sonic ’22”

    It’s a huge year for Sonic, and hopefully, it will be a mega year with plenty of other video games and the next film, so let’s hope it really is a great year. SEGA is trying so hard to make us psyched for 2022 with its mascot and has launched the “Sonic ’22 Project,” which is simply a “we’re creating Sonic stuff and really want you all to be excited” PR project.

    Sonic the Hedgehog celebrated its 30th-anniversary last year, but Sega is hoping to commemorate the franchise even more with the Project Sonic ’22 campaign. Sega’s new marketing campaign isn’t about any specific video games, but mainly a commemoration of everything Sonic in 2022. Sega released key artwork, the logo, and free official wallpapers today.

    Now, since the 30th anniversary has passed, Sega is working on Project Sonic ’22 (Two-Two according to Sega) to keep everything continuing. The forthcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film and Sonic Frontiers video game are indeed the main attractions of the project, but Sega says that there are many other innovations planned for the occasion.

    There are now a lot more activities heading onin the world of gamingSonic Frontiers approves Switch and Sonic Origins (complete set of CD and 16Bit gamesheading on Nintendo’s consoleThe project’s logo references the universe displayed for Frontierswhile the boxy words “Welcome to the Next Level” are a callback to SEGA’s promotion since the 1990s.

    The actual design for Project Sonic ‘22 is depicted in the image at the topThe world depicted on the other side of the ring represents a road to uncharted territories throughout the campaignSega’s quote, “Welcome to the next level” refers to the upcoming 3 decades of entertainment which we may anticipate.

    The Sonic Channel has developed a massive volume of special digital content to honor the event. It features wallpapers for your PC and smartphone showing Sonic and his buddies.

    Sega also designed a unique logo for the project.

    The Project Sonic ’22 wallpapers are now available in calendar style.

    Sega hasn’t revealed everything yet, so stay tuned for further Sonic the Hedgehog and Project Sonic ’22 announcements later this year.


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