Why Ninja and Jessica Blevins are threatening to sue Pokimane

    On Twitch, in recent days, the streamers Ninja, Pokimane, and JiDion have been the centre of a flurry of commotion. Ninja’s manager and wife, Jessica Blevins, told Pokimane in private that the couple is getting solicitors involved because they believe her version of events is libellous. It all started with a stream raid, in some way.

    JiDion is the least-famous of the groups listed, despite not being a minor streamer. Pokimane has been “hate raided” by him, a Twitch streamer. Raids are a Twitch function that allows streamers to send their entire audience to another stream at the end of their own. Though it’s mostly useful for connecting with other designers, some people use it to harass and target other streamers. In the middle of 2021, the bot went on a hate-raiding stream, using slurs and other caustic rhetoric.

    Why Ninja and Jessica Blevins are threatening to sue Pokimane

    Pokimane was raided by JiDion, who encouraged his fans to leave the comment “L + Ratio” in her conversation. A ratio is a Twitter phrase that refers to an unpopular viewpoint or person who receives more likes or engagement. An “L” refers to someone who has suffered a loss, or a “L” for short, and a “ratio” is a Twitter term that denotes an unpopular opinion or person by gaining more likes or engagement. Though not as vehement as the 2021 hate raids, raiding and purposefully encouraging your viewers to say something negative about the streamer you’re raiding is a direct violation of Twitch’s terms of service. When Pokimane points this out, Twitch bans JiDion for two weeks. JiDion acknowledges that he violated the rules of service and that a ban was appropriate.

    Why Ninja and Jessica Blevins are threatening to sue Pokimane

    After it was imposed, this ban was upgraded to a permanent ban, effectively barring JiDion from ever returning to Twitch. JiDion obviously didn’t agree with the ban, but he thought it was overly harsh because it was his first offence. JiDion says it is harsh because other top-level streamers have been banned several times for offences without a perpetual. It’s worth mentioning that many people who believe JiDion is wrong also believe a perpetual sentence is excessively harsh for a first offence.

    The reason for the upgrade to permanent status is unknown, though JiDion claims it was because Pokimane’s community and other streamers urged Twitch to increase the severity of his punishment. Others, on the other hand, believe it’s because JiDion used social media to continue broadcasting his displeasure with Pokimane and making jokes about the ban. He even went on Instagram Live to declare his love for Pokimane. He jokes that she is “the best streamer ever” and that he was on his knees like a “Tier 3” payers, which is the highest level of regular support available to streamers.

    The threatening lawsuit is based on Pokimane’s account of the events. Jessica Blevins, Ninja’s wife and manager sends a message to Pokimane, accusing her of defaming the couple, despite the fact that Ninja did not send a message to his agent.

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