Four reasons why CS:GO betting is popular among esports fans

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a popular tactical shooter because of its simple design yet high skill ceiling that made professional esports possible. The esports scene, in turn, made it possible to make CS:GO the focus of esports betting. It is currently one of the most popular titles for esports betting and here are the reasons why:

CS:GO has a straightforward gameplay mechanic

The aforementioned simple design of the game is what made it popular for spectator sports. Most of the time, a video game is best understood from the perspective of the player. However, CS:GO is a straightforward tactical shooter where skills are easy to read from a third-person’s perspective. All you need to know is who is left alive and which team completed their objective.

CSGO betting markets are easy to quantify among sportsbooks thanks to their simplicity. There are many kinds of markets such as over/under scores, match winners, and map winners. The game is also divided into numerous rounds and bettors can wager which team will win each of them.

Valve is leading the esports market

Valve was among the first companies to invest in esports for their video games as they partnered with big organizations while also hosting their own events. Besides CS:GO major leagues, they are also hosting events for Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2, their other big titles out of the video games that they developed.

Part of Valve’s esports success is thanks to how they handle skins and other in-game cosmetic items. They can be traded between players which helps create a community-driven economy that funds the international events. Another part is how the titles they carry are recognized in the entire world for decades as newer games developed under the same genre use CS:GO as a comparison.

Exciting skins and ways to win them through betting

CS:GO skins can be traded between users. Some are popular because they look impressive while others are iconic thanks to their appearances in the pro scene. Other skins are valuable because they are no longer available through the game’s store due to CS:GO’s expansion rotation.

If there is a skin that you want but can’t buy from the store, then you have to bid for it from other players. Some of them can be too expensive so the next best way to get them is through gambling. There are plenty of third-party online services that let players gamble stake skins or cash to win skins.

CS:GO is the most well-known first-person shooter game

Sometimes, what makes the game popular in esports betting is brand recognition. CSGO betting is popular among non-gamers, too, because the Counter-Strike franchise is known outside of the esports community. You can always find someone who doesn’t play video games knowing about Counter-Strike simply because of the old game’s effect on the culture around the world. This popularity ensures that there are plenty of news outlets covering its events, so you can always stay tuned for more CS:GO updates.


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