Xbox Game Pass Adds 3 game In Their Line Up ?

    Microsoft has added Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena to the Xbox Game Pass line-up after yesterday’s Quake remaster. It’s worth noting that the remaster is still not available with Xbox Game Pass .Xbox Game Pass Adds 3 game In Their Line Up ?

    Xbox Game Pass Adds 3 game In There Line Up ?

    Quake 2 has been confirmed to be included in the Xbox One version of Xbox Game Pass via an email from Microsoft, but that listing isn’t live yet. It does appear to be already included in the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the service though.

    Both of these games will require you to download them like normal titles through your console or PC store. They are also playable on both Windows 10 PCs via the Microsoft Store and Xbox consoles after downloading them normally. You need to own it before playing it with Xbox Game Pass, so make sure you buy it before you cancel Xbox Game Pass.

    The original Quake and Quake Arena games are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t played them yet. We had a blast going back to these classics for review in the last few months. It feels incredible that players can now enjoy both of these titles on consoles again as well (after being previously exclusive to PC)

    Quake is a game franchise that’s been around (in various forms) for decades. Recently, it was re-released as the “Quake Champions: Day One Edition.” This rerelease includes 4K support and all DLC packs – with one exception being the new Dimension of the Machine pack, developed by MachineGames.

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