The Secret to Finding Your Next Great Product Idea Of Gaming Chair , According to Elon Musk

    Morris started off by asking Musk whether he liked to play video games. Musk said that, yes, he has played video games in the past and pretty much hated them; when Morris asked about an experience he had with what looks like Portal 2 , it became clear that Musk is one of those people who can’t handle first-person shooters . (His fondness for Civilization is no surprise.)

    Morris took the conversation in a different direction, asking Musk about his own experience with an uncomfortable chair that he’d bought to use for gaming. (This was back when he already owned

    “[He said], ‘It’s really bad for my lower back,'” Morris told Recode. “And I’m like, ‘Why don’t you design one?’ And he goes, ‘I did.’ So we’re looking at it and you can see why it would be good for your lower back—and then he says this sentence: It is the child seat for adults. The chair conforms to your body over time.”

    Elon Musk has discovered a correlation between toddlers’ car seats and gaming chairs. On Good Morning America, he posted this tweet:

    “I was thinking about my childhood car seat & it just clicked that the design of sports chair I sit in could be more ergonomic if they had better torsion-cycling”

    -some of the users replied with mention of cryptocurrencies.



    -Elon Musk has found what gaming chairs and toddler seats have in common, according to Min-Liang Tan.

    For more such updates stay tuned with the game stanza!

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