The PC Gaming Show at E3 2021 was one of the best shows in years.

    The PC Gaming Show at E3 2021 was one of the best PC gaming events in a long time. There were so many awesome PC games shown off, and there’s plenty to look forward to for PC gamers in the future. The show had an incredible mix of upcoming PC titles and even some old favorites that we’re getting new content for. It really is fantastic how much love PC gamers are getting these days!

    The PC Gaming Show at E3 2021 was one of the best shows in years.


    One of the most exciting titles coming to the PC game-playing public next year is from an Italian developer. The name of the company may imply a shameless Souls clone, but Reply Game Studios is also taking inspiration from Japanese character action games like Devil May Cry and early 80s anime. Another influence may be PlatinumGames’ Astral Chain as you are


    Next Space Rebels is a space rocket-building simulator with an FMV narrative that, although it feels like a DIY version of Kerbal Space Program, is played for the purpose of conveying a message through its simulation.


    is just around the corner as the latest trailer confirms Lemnis Gate will be coming out on August 3rd for PC and Xbox One. Beta is also set to come in July so that players can get their head around This how to turn this- loop baseding first gameplay person works shooter before tasks it you to launches play. a round that lasts just 25 seconds at a time and takes control of each team member. The game was announced last year but its release is coming very soon on August 3 to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and One, and in July an open beta will be available so players can get their head around this time-bending gameplay.



    The PC Gaming Show at E3 2021 was one of the best shows in years. Basically Splatoon but with food, Rawmen is a third-person arena shooter where instead of guns, you fight with food against up to two to eight players. Sling soup at your opponents become a human meatball by jumping into meat juice and rolling your



    Far: Lone Sails is a minimal, lonely, but powerfully meditative experience as you chart your journey across a post-apocalyptic environment with nothing but yourself and a unique hunk of junk of a vehicle. So it’s great to see that Far: Changing Tides will release on the same day for PlayStation – this time you’re pilot



    This space Western 2D action game sees you playing a three-armed mutant-hunting dangerous bounty across the galaxy. From the visuals, the animation, the music, it’s just dripping with style, and plenty of ultra-violence as you hack and slash your way through each level.

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