Crucial Removes the Warranty for any damage Taken From Chia Mining?

Crucial. The word is on everyone’s tongue and the company has made a decision that might affect your business. We’re not talking about new SSDs or anything like that, but about Crucial removing the warranty for any damage taken from Chia Mining.

The internet is abuzz with speculation over this move, which I’ll admit is pretty strange given how little we know about it so far! It seems to be just one more reminder of how volatile the tech industry can be at times – will you still buy their products?

Crucial Removes the Warranty for any damage Taken From Chia Mining?

What is Chia Coin?

Chia coin basically another Crypto Currency like Bitcoin and by removing the warranty of chias mining this will be very bad news because it’s not good at all that they removed it. If I were you I would think twice about buying their products in the future because when something goes wrong there won’t be any customer service or replacements for your product so it might just end up being worthless to you as well if anything does happen and its out of warranty then what happens next? We’ll never know unless we experience it.

Why did Crucial remove the warranty for Chia mining?

Crucial Removes the Warranty for any damage Taken From Chia Mining?

Crucial removed the warranty to avoid any potential legal issues. Crucial is trying to protect themselves from getting sued by Chia Mining if anyone damages their product and claims it was due to a defect in chias mining which Crucial would not be able to provide evidence that there wasn’t anything wrong with its products because as everyone knows Crucial does not have an unlimited amount of money for these cases so they are protecting themselves best way possible

What will happen if Cruciall removes the warranty?

It’s unknown what could happen but we can only try our best to predict based on how other companies reacted when they lost warranties, some people say nothing will really change while others think consumers might start buying less Crucial products even more than before.

Well, No doubt Crucial is one of the best companies but this is also a marketing stunt which can effect on a huge loss for them. lets see how it effect the Ssd marketing for crucial.

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