Sea of Thieves – A Pirate’s Life Gameplay Revealed!

    Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer action-adventure where players use pirates to explore the open world. The game features groups that will encounter each other on their adventures, sometimes forming alliances and going head-to-head.

    In the game Sea of Thieves, players assume the role of a pirate with the goal to become a Pirate Legend by completing voyages for different trading companies. Players need to be at least level 50 and have completed 3 voyages from each company in order to reach this feat.

    Sea of Thieves - A Pirate's Life Gameplay Revealed

    Xbox E3 2021 Showcase

    The Latest Sea of Thieves gameplay was revealed at the Xbox E3 Conference and naming the expansion as a pirate’s life for us all! This game has been in development for a long time, after winning the Rare Developer Award. The gameplay footage shown is from an alpha version of Sea of Thieves.

    In the latest E3 showcase During Xbox Game Spotlight: Extended, the Jack Sparrow-led expansion was showcased including a battle with strange giant eels, Davy Jones’ head hovering in the clouds, and plenty of new enemies. The showcase ended with a mention of a first look at the collaboration between Rare and Disney on June 20th, as well as other announcements about updates coming to the game.

    Release Date

    Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life was announced at E3 2021, and will be a free story expansion for Rare’s online pirate simulation game. It is set and expected to release on June 22nd. And this is going to one of the best expansions for this game.

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