Chromecast with Google TV Update Adds Bug Fixes, Improvements and more Features!

Google has announced an update to their Chromecast with Google TV device that adds ‘Stadia support,’ improves Bluetooth latency, and more. The company says the update is rolling out today for all users of the device.

“Chromecast with Google TV users will soon enjoy a new experience on their TVs thanks to our latest app release,” said Chris Hallquist in a blog post. “We’ve added Stadia support so you can watch your favorite games on YouTube or purchase them from Google Play.”

Chromecast with Google TV Update Adds Bug Fixes, Improvements and more Features!

Hallquist also noted that Google has improved Bluetooth latency, enabling “better responsiveness in games and other apps.” This is due to a new technique the company added which sends less data over at once.

“For developers out there, we’ve added support for input events as well,” said Hallquist. ”

Release Date

Google TV is coming to Chromecast with a game streaming service on June 23 and Google has now rolled out an update for the dongle that adds underlying support for Stadia.

Version QTS1.210311.008 of Google’s Streaming Dongle, which was previously known as “Chromecast,” is already out (as of Jun 8th, 2021)  of 86 MB download officially called a minor software update by its developers at Alphabet Incorporated – the company responsible for both companies in charge behind this project: YouTube and Chrome OS respectively).

Chromecast with Google TV Update Adds Bug Fixes, Improvements and more Features!

Including new features such as the ability to set a default input device (such as Bluetooth, trackpad, or keyboard) for use on your TV. You can also now edit text boxes and dropdown menus of apps like YouTube and Google Play Movies & TV in case you’re not keen on using voice commands via mic-enabled headphones – all

The latest update for the Chromecast with Google TV is being touted as a way to help prepare it before Android TV launches later this month. The new version of the application does not yet have an option in the Play Store, but there are some major improvements that you can still take advantage of now: improved latency on Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

is it Worth Updating?

If you’re a Chromecast with a Google TV user, this is worth updating to the latest version so that it’s fully prepared when Android TV arrives. Here are some of what comes included in the update: improved Bluetooth latency and ‘Stadia support.’ This last point is important for anyone who wants to use their device

Chromecast with Google TV Update Adds Bug Fixes, Improvements and more Features!

Check out the new updates on your Chromecast! You can now adjust all of those advanced video settings that were reset after a reboot. Google also included some really cool features like more granular control over HDR and color formats, as well as resolution/refresh rate in this update too! There’s no accompanying Voice Remote update today but don’t worry – make sure to restart your device once the download completes so you’ll have access to these awesome changes. To install them, click “your profile” avatar at top-right corner > Settings > System> About (System Updates) > Update Now.

Google has been busy this week. They have announced a new OS called Fuchsia and are rolling out features for their Pixel Buds to make them the best wireless headphones in 2020. Tune into 9to5 Google on YouTube now!

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