Is Conan Exiles New DLC Isle of Siptah Worth it?

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Is Conan Exiles New DLC Isle of Siptah Worth it?, the new expansion “The Isle of Siptah” is now available. The latest location to come with the update features a coastal city that has been abandoned by its inhabitants and left for ruin over time. As an exile who’s arrived on this mysterious island, it’s up to you to explore and loot your way through its lost temples in search of powerful artifacts from the past. There are also rumors of a great treasure waiting for those brave enough to delve deep into the forgotten ruins at Mount Klak’a!

What’s New in this Update?
Is Conan Exiles New DLC Isle of Siptah Worth it?

Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah has undergone massive improvements since its first release. You no longer are limited to a small landmass, there is now the opportunity for exploration with over three dozen points of interest like new settlements, and a brand new religion that will allow you to summon the avatar of Zath. Is Conan Exiles New DLC Isle of Siptah Worth it?

And now Funcom has officially released the update and Is free from the beta version. The game includes a new religion that can summon the avatar of Zath and dozens of points of interest to explore on this mysterious island. New settlements will be available for players as well along with other changes like bug fixes and adjustments to balance the gameplay experience. Funcom is releasing an entirely free game from its beta version today!

After the release, the Project director Scott Junior stated happily that “We are fortunate to have a huge and vocal community of Conan Exiles players, which has enabled us to focus development on the areas our players deem the most important”.

Is this DLC worth playing?
Is Conan Exiles New DLC Isle of Siptah Worth it?

The new location promises more content than ever before for even veteran players alike. It’s worth checking out what all the fuss is about or starting fresh in order to get a brand new perspective on how much fun it can be! Till then.

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