How to Find Ring of Binding in Dark Souls 2 Scholar of The First Sin? Full Guide

How to Find Ring of Binding in Dark Souls 2 Scholar of The First Sin?

Dark Souls 2: Scholars of the First Sin is a new addition to the Dark Souls series that takes place in Drangleic, an open world environment with plenty of new challenges for gamers. This game has been remastered and includes all DLC content from previous versions of the game. The Scholar’s of the First Sin edition also features improved graphics and performance as well as multiplayer enhancements. If you’re looking for a challenge then this is definitely the game for you! and Coming to the Topic! How to Find Ring of Binding in Dark Souls 2 Scholar of The First Sin? Full Guide!

what is Ring of Binding?
How to Find Ring of Binding in Dark Souls 2 Scholar of The First Sin?

Ring of Binding is a gift that you can find in Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin. The ring accepts rings as offerings and prevents their wearer from being invaded, allowing them to focus on cooperative play with other players or defeating bosses. This effect lasts for one hour after equipping it. When you equip this item, it’s possible to invade other players who are wearing the Ring of Binding, but they won’t be able to invade your world until an hour has passed since you last equipped the ring.

Ring of Binding also increases the number of souls you receive from taking down enemies by 10%. The ring can be obtained in various ways, but this article will focus on how to get it quickly.

Ring of Binding Locations!

The Ring of Binding can also be obtained by killing Black Knights or Silver Knights with a Divine weapon equipped such as Red Tearstone Ring + Sunlight Blade upgrade for example (note that some knights will only drop scholar weapons).

Black Knight locations: In front of the entrance to Firelink Shrine next to one of the two statues near Anor Londo’s main gate; at Undead Parish where Emma was kidnapped from her home during a firebombing event against undead parishioners; guarding a set of stairs leading down behind an altar in Catacombs.

  •  It is also located on the Path of The Serpent in Harvest Valley and can be obtained by defeating a Giant Crab that appears there.
  •  You must have defeated all other bosses to access this boss fight.

Note: Ring of Binding Dark Souls II: Scholars Of The First Sin can only be found in Scholar Mode or New Game+ mode after beating the game once beforehand with one ending first.

The ring starts at +20% souls from fallen enemies, which increases to 30%, 40%, 50%… until you reach 100%. This gradually makes it easier as time goes on because more souls mean better items and equipment for your character.

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