Will there be an Overwatch 2?

    With completion of five long years of the critically acclaimed first person shooter, players are really starting to think about the sequel. Though Blizzard Entertainment has not washed away the hopes, in fact, they claim to be working on it, there is no sign of Overwatch 2. But, as it seems, Overwatch 2 is not cancelled, and may be under development after all.

    Overwatch 2 News

    Will there be a Overwatch 2?


    Overwatch was a popular game. Back in 2016, here were few games that were multiplayer exclusive, and can take up to twelve players in a match. It still receives updates, new modes and maps regularly. But it has been five years, and Blizzard Entertainment has still not talked clearly of a sequel.

    But recently, they shared a tweet that had players go crazy.

    This certainly shows that the developers are really working on the sequel after all. While this shows information about the game contents (a bit), it does not contain any info abut release date of the title.

    When To Expect The Title?

    Will there be a Overwatch 2?


    The tweets says a lot about the new game actually. The title is expected to have new maps like Toronto and Rio, new modes and some changes to old ones too. Like the 6v6 battle may be turned into 5v5 battles. Also, there will be changes to the playable characters. The tank characters will likely receive some stats boost.

    While everything looks all set, there is a reason to worry, however. Overwatch 2 may not be in the list of upcoming games in 2022. That being said, it is always better to be patient to receive a gem of a title afterwards. Also, with so many locations, modes and enhances bein prepared, the game will surely be one of the best multiplayer FPS games at the time of launch.

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