Which SSD is better SATA or NVMe?

When it comes to computers, one of the most important things to look for is the hardware. While most of the buyers are satisfied with the processor to make and count, there is more to it. Today, Solid State Drives are in everybody’s mouth, and they are really worth it. That brings us to the question, are all of the same? The answer is, no. SSDs primarily come in different types, and the two main types are SATA and NVMe.

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA)

Which SSD is better SATA or NVMe?
SATA was first developed in 2000 and is still used in budget PCs.


Computer makers first began to think about speedway back in 2000. AT that time, PATA was in the stores. SATA was developed, and the result was impressive. The drive provided multiple times faster speed than PATA.

Fast forward eight years, we have SATA III, which provides even faster speeds. This can be inserted into a dedicated slot in a PC. Many recent budget computers have this feature too. The typical speed of SATA III is 600MB/s. Pretty fast? Maybe at that time, but gradually, things started getting more demanding.

Hence, PCIe came into existence. This thing is more like a graphics card. This was somewhat popular towards the late 2000s but eventually failed due to certain circumstances.

Nonvolatile Memory Express (NVMe)

Which SSD is better SATA or NVMe?
A popular NVMe from Samsung.


NVMe arrived later, and it was certainly a savior. The drives are very fast in data transferring, and the whole processing power increases as a result of that. names have a data transfer speed of about 3500MB/s. That is almost six times faster than SATA III. While you may think this is the winner, let us tell you that there are consequences.

NVMe does not come with great storage capacities. The best we can have is a 2TB drive. Enough, but not for people who have a lot to store. Though we can expect bigger sizes within a couple of years, the price will increase too naturally. NVMe is rarely seen in low price range devices.

Final Verdict

Both the SSD variants are yours to take any time you want, but each has its own advantages. With SATA, you can have more storage at less price. With NVMe, you can do jobs in seconds, but have to compromise on storage limits.

SATA and NVMe can both be present in a PC. SATA can be used as a secondary drive for devices that have the feature. NVMe must be the booting drive so that the PC booting takes a minimum amount of time. Also, heavy gamers and software developers tend to use names for better and faster performances.

A 1TB NVMe costs around $100 today, while you can get 8TB SATA storage for around $200.

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