The new Nvidia DLSS now supports VR Games!

The time for which gamers have been waiting for ages has arrived! The Deep Learning Super Sampling technology has finally moved into Virtual Reality Games. This is a huge step forward for NVIDIA, and players cannot be happier.

DLSS Feature

The new Nvidia DLSS now supports VR Games!
DLSS feature will vastly improve gameplay and graphics.


NVIDIA has this technology that makes games even more fun to play. DLSS gives the PC more performance and the ability to play heavy games. This is a big step forward for the processor developers.

Not all games support this feature. However, only a handful do. But NVIDIA is constantly improving the scenario, with more and more games being suitable for the technology. DLSS provides 4K gameplay in smooth performance.

With the introduction of DLSS in VR games, players will be able to play the titles with enhanced visuals, smoother performance, and a better experience.

VR Games to Support DLSS

The new Nvidia DLSS now supports VR Games!
DLSS feature is coming to VR games for the first time.


Recently, NVIDIA has announced that DLSS is coming to nine new games. Surprisingly, three of them are VR games. This is the first time that a VR game is supporting DLSS.

According to NVIDIA, the DLSS feature will improve the gameplay and performance vastly. The visuals will also receive a lift-up. The company claims that desktop performance may increase by up to 70%, which is magnificent.

Games that will have DLSS features are No Man’s Sky, Wrench, and Into the Radius. No Man’s Sky will receive a VR boost when DLSS is used. The same will happen likely with the other titles too.

Non-VR games receiving DLSS are Aron’s Adventure and Redout: Space Assault, Everspace 2, and many more.

What is VR?

Virtual Reality is much like simulation, but more realistic. Imagine yourself wearing a pair of fancy glasses through which the whole world looks different. You walk in real life, you walk in the game. Your actions in reality affect the gameplay. Virtual Reality is now quite popular and can be implemented in different ways.

VR games are a big step forward in the gaming industry. It requires specific device hardware and a good amount of power. There are games that use VR but in a different way. A good example is the Pokemon Go by Niantic, that released on mobile devices some years ago.

While not very popular because you will need those ‘fancy glasses’ for experiencing a quality VR world, there are consoles and devices that let players use it well. There are quite a number of VR games out there now, but all of them require a minimum hardware specification.

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