Some Secret Subnautica Below Zero Cheat Codes!

Enjoy all these cheat codes to boost the fun you can have in the game!

Some Secret Subnautica Below Zero Cheat Codes!


Subnautica is one of the most amazing looking with series out there. Subnautica Below zero is sequel of its last game, and gives Fantastic immersive experience, just like the original.

Beautiful aquatic flora and fauna, as well as a breathtaking seascape, will keep you exploring for hours… throw in the constant danger of drowning or being lunch for some horrific sea monster, and you’ve got yourself an incredible game!
The plot is an entertaining but simple mystery, but that isn’t the show’s main attraction. It’s a world that keeps luring you in again and again.


Console Commands

just like last game, Subnautica below zero also has it’s fair share of console commands to help you get the most fun.

In order to activate these cheats press F3 and type any of these commands in the console. This will pop up the cheat menu on the screen’s upper left side. Press F8 to move your mouse cursor, and then click on the white circle next to Disable Console. After that, click F8 once more.

After that, click the tilde (`) key to gain access to the console. Look for it in the screen’s lower-left corner. You wouldn’t have to delete the circle every time you play, but once you start a new session in Subnautica: Below Zero, you’ll need to press F3 to unlock console commands and cheats.

skip the brackets when entering the Subnautica: Below Zero console commands and cheats below. The Enter key executes the command you’re actually typing, while the up and down arrows loop through the commands you’ve already tried.


Some Secret Subnautica Below Zero Cheat Codes!

Here are the cheats!

  • nocost – Get all item for free.
  •  nosurvival – Removes the need for food and water, as well as sustenance, from items.
  •  noenergy – unlimited power can be toggled.
  •  nopressure – Pressure effects for seabases and vehicles can be toggled.
  •  oxygen –  unlimited oxygen
  •  invisible –  invisibility
  •  unlockall – Unlocks all blueprints
  •  fastgrow – Reduces flora growth time
  •  fastswim – gives significant speed boost while pressing Left Shift
  •  vehicleupgrades – Gives all common vehicle modules
  •  exosuitupgrades – Gives all Prawn Suit modules
  •  exosuitarms – Gives all Prawn Suit arms
  •  biome (name) – Teleport to specified biome
  •  goto (name) – Teleport to specified location. Type just goto for list
  •  bobthebuilder  – Adds a Habitat Builder, Scanner, Survival Knife, and Repair Tool to your inventory, as well as the effects of the no cost, unlock all, fast build, fast grow, fast hatch, and radiation commands.
  •  instagib – Kill any creature in one hit
  •  kill – Kills and respawns you back at the lifepod
  •  precursorkeys – Gives one of each color of precursor key
  •  lightning – Toggles lightning
  • precipitation – Toggles rain
  •  unlock (name) – Unlocks specified blueprint
  •  day – Sets time to day
  •  night – Sets time to night
  •  filterwater – Every Water Filtration Machine on the map creates Large Filtered Water immediately.
  •  filtersalt –Every Water Filtration Machine on the map immediately adds salt to the water.
  •  cure (#) – The Kharaa Bacterium cures the player and creatures within certain range.
  •  infect (#) – The Kharaa Bacterium infects the player and creatures within certain range.
  •  item (name) (#) – The specified number or item is added to your inventory.
  •  spawn (name) (#) – In front of you, spawns the specified number or the specified item/creature/object.
  •  radiation – Disables radiation
  •  decontaminate – Removes radiation from the map
  •  filterfast – Reduces water filtering time
  •  fastbuild – Allows the Habitat Builder to quickly build modules.
  •  fasthatch – Reduces egg hatch time
  •  fastscan – Reduces scanning time


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