Fortnite NBA Team Battles how it is?

Fortnite NBA Team Battles how it is?
Epic Games promised the Fortnite X NBA Battles this month. While there is no update regarding the same from Epic Games, players wait eagerly to know more. The new game mode will fetch players multiple striking rewards and will let them play with their favorite NBA team and support the basketball team through the game.

Fortnite NBA Team Battles how it is?

Fortnite NBA Team Battles
Fortnite X NBA Battles have not yet launched and players are eager for that.


According to leaked images and sources, Fortnite was scheduled to release an update that would bring NBA teams in the game. Players would be able to play and support their favorite NBA team. Plus, they would get new rewards by completing daily objectives and missions. These rewards are exclusive to the new event.

According to various sources, the new event was scheduled to launch on 12th May 2021. But even after 24 hours, there is no update from Epic Games whatsoever. This has made the players wonder when the developers are going to bring the new model into the game.


Fortnite NBA Team Battles
The NBA Battles will reward players with new emotes, collectibles, and many more!


Players will need to register for the campaign, following which they will be able to select their favorite team from the list of all NBA teams. The registration is for limited players, as it seems, but those who will not be able to register can still register as fans. But they will not earn the rewards if the selected team wins the event.

The rewards will include various cosmetics from the game. Some tweets have already revealed certain gifts, like emotes or collectibles. A small list of rewards is already available. According to the list, the rewards will include a new special emote, The Hookshot Toy, and the NBA Championship Back Bling. We are yet to know how the last item will look in the game.

About the Game

Fortnite NBA Team Battles how it is?
NBA Battles need registration, which is unfortunately limited to a certain number of players.


Fortnite is a 2017 online multiplayer action video game developed by Epic Games. There are three versions of the game that highlight three different modes of gameplay. Fortnite: Save the World is an FPS game, Fortnite: Battle Royale is a battle royale game, and Fortnite: Creative focuses on custom-created arena battles.

The game is also available on Nintendo, Android, and iOS devices. It is one of the most popular battle royale games now. Thanks to the regular updates and events, the game has new things to give its players always.

The game is extremely popular and has won several awards, including the Gamers’ Choice Awards and The Game Awards 2019.

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