Samsung Galaxy F52 5G Release Date Specs and More!

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Samsung Galaxy F52 5G Release Date Specs and More!

Samsung is up again with yet another budget 5G phone. Though the Galaxy F52 has yet not received a proper release, rumours and leaked images give us insights on the phone, and what we should expect.

Samsung Galaxy F52 5G Release Date Specs and More!

Samsung Galaxy F52 5G Release Date, Specs and More!
Leaked images of Samsung Galaxy F52 5G.


The new device from Samsung is rumoured to be a proper budget phone for everybody’s needs. According to the leaked images, the device will feature a punch-hole selfie camera at the right of the screen, and a quad camera setup on the back. The device certainly looks premium, but maybe a little thick. Also, bezels are visible around the screen.

The leaked images also show the bottom of the device that will house a headphone jack connector, a USB-C charging port and the speaker grill.


Samsung Galaxy F52 5G Release Date, Specs and More!
The phone will house 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, and 4500mAh battery and a TFT Full HD display.


The F52 5G is expected to have a good 8GB RAM and 5G support. We do not know the exact specifications of the device because Samsung has not revealed anything about it. But based on the recently launched Galaxy F62, the phone should have a 6.5 inch display and a good 2.4GHz processor.

The display quality will not be top-notch, because Samsung has decided to use a TFT display instead of AMOLED. But it will be a full-HD display. The phone will house a 128GB storage capacity and a memory card support. It is yet unknown whether there will be a hybrid SIM slot.

The device will be powered by a 4500mAh battery, which is pretty decent. Also, there will be 25W fast charge support. Also, based on the rumours, the phone will be powered by Snapdragon 750 chipset, which will be enough for gamers.

Other Features and Price

The Galaxy F52 5G will launch likely in black and white variants. The white variant is shown in the leaked image, which features a glossy back panel.

The device will be priced at around CNY 1999. This is a decent price, but there will be competitors of the phone. Much of the competition will come from Xiaomi, Nokia, Oppo and Vivo.

There is no tentative release date for the F52 so far, and Samsung has not notified anything. We expect the phone to launch within some months, but certainly before August, when Samsung launches its new Tab S devices.

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