Will There be a Crossplay feature in Apex Legends Mobile?

    Will There be a Crossplay feature in Apex Legends Mobile?
    Apex legends Beta has been released on mobile, but unfortunately, we might not get cross-play anytime soon. Why? We’ll talk about it.

    Will There be Crossplay feature in Apex Legends Mobile?

    Will There be a Crossplay feature in Apex Legends Mobile?

    Apex Legends, the famous battle royale game that was released back in 2019 by Respawn Games studios, became a fan favorite due to the experience it delivered. It quickly caught the eyes of players who were playing other battle royale games like Warzone and Fortnite and easily became one of the best. And of course, due to regular updates, things got better and better.


    Apex Crossplay

    At the start Apex legends had one major issue: it didn’t have cross-play support, so players on different consoles could not play with each other. Thanks to demand and efforts, this feature was finally available in October 2020. With this feature, now players could play with their friends who could be using a totally different console than them. PC users still had some complications and were mostly separated from console users due to the obvious fact that mouse and keyboard are generally better at shooting.

    Apex Legends Mobile

    The game got so popular that the studio decided to release a version for mobile devices- Android and iOS. Right now the studio has released a beta version of the game, but it’s very different from the PC or console version. Apex legends and Apex legends Mobile are two different products having different features and experiences, but the core is the same- of a damn good battle royale.


    This is what they are saying in the play store:

    “We’re currently testing this early version of Apex Legends Mobile with a limited number of players! Pre-register now for a chance to become one of the first players invited to test.”

    No Crossplay in Mobile?

    Unfortunately, as this version is very different from what the Apex legends we know, we might not get crossplay in the mobile version, at least not anytime soon. But it’s not any dealbreaker for mobile gamers, as it’s in fact better for them, and would be more fair.

    APEX LEGENDS MOBILE - LEAKED BETA PLAYTEST TRAILER (Android / iOS) | Apex Legends Android - YouTube


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