Hitman Developer IO Working On a New Fantasy Game “Project Dragon”

Hitman Developer IO Working On a New Fantasy Game “Project Dragon”
IO has announced their new studio which will be known as “IOI Barcelona ” and will focus on the development of their series of Hitman, James Bond, and a new game they are working on named Project Dragon.


Hitman Developer IO Working On a New Fantasy Game "Project Dragon"IO interactive needs no introduction, as their games like Hitman series are some of the best games ever made, having hitman 3 as latest in the series which touched new limits with its beautiful world.

Some while ago, Hitman developer IO interactive did an interview with gameindustry.biz, and in that they said:

“After the [Hitman] trilogy, it’s safe to say that Agent 47 needs a bit of a breather. He needs a break” They said in an interview.

This is not what told us about their new game, though but what they said after:

“But that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening in the World of Assassination. We have some pretty cool ideas that we’re looking into, and some of those will bear fruit. You’ll seem some development there that’s a bit different.”

Hitman Developer IO Working On a New Fantasy Game "Project Dragon"


That cleared all our doubts that the new studio of IO interactive “IOI Barcelona” is working on a new game. Upon further leaks and sources, we found the name of the project right now is “Project Dragon”


Partnership with Xbox

A while ago, we learned that Xbox is working with third-party studios for making exclusive titles for Xbox, and we found out that one of those studios is IO interactive, and we couldn’t be happier. Xbox will be publishing their next game, and also would work with them for future titles. This could include This Project dragon, and a new game based on James Bond, with the name “007”.


Hitman Developer IO Working On a New Fantasy Game "Project Dragon"


About Project Dragon

We do not know much about the game except that it would be a fantasy game, that the studio is developing with Xbox.

Release date?

As it’s in so early development, so we have no date for even its announcement yet, so it can take years for it to come out.


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