Everything about Call of Duty: Warzone latest Patch!

Everything about Call of Duty: Warzone latest Patch!
Call of Duty: Warzone
has received an update, and this brings a lot of exciting things to the game. With low download size and much fun in the pack, this week’s update is all viral now. Releasing today, the update will bring new weapons and make changes to the game.

New Weapons and Items

Everything about Call of Duty: Warzone latest Patch!
The new update in the game brings new maps, weapons, and items.

Everything about Call of Duty: Warzone latest Patch!

This week’s update in the game has brought a new rifle. The Carv.2 Tactical Rifle is available in Cold War Season 3 expansion pack. Another update has improved gameplay features and made some changes to the modes. This includes the removal of Streetsweeper from Loot Boxes.

The new rifle can be unlocked by quickly killing two or more players in 10 matches, which is a mentionable challenge. Other changes include the addition of new maps and modes. The new mode,  Yamantau + Diesel 24/7, will allow players to fight in the newly released maps in a tight 6v6 match.

Everything about Call of Duty: Warzone latest Patch!
This week’s update removes the Streetsweeper from the Loot Boxes.


The update also brings a legendary blueprint for the new gun. A new bundle will feature the blueprint along with a new charm, an emblem, and a sticker. Another bundle will provide new blueprints for two guns, an assault, and a sniper rifle.

Last but not the least, the update also brings minor bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Upon requests, the Streetsweeper has been removed from the Look Boxes to make sure it appears less often in the loot.

About the Game

Everything about Call of Duty: Warzone latest Patch!
COD: Warzone is the second attempt of the franchise to create a battle royale game.


Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale game from the popular franchise developed by Activision. It is available through various platforms and consoles. Released last year, the game is a part of two previous Call of Duty titles, but can be played as a standalone game.

The game features two dedicated modes, Battle Royale and Plunder, but several modes appear as time-limited events. The maps are also changed based on releases of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War. The popular maps of the two games are featured in this title.

The game received praises for the gameplay, hence retaining the popularity and expectations from the franchise. It currently has more than 100 million active players worldwide. While the game does not contain any storyline, the multiplayer actions are unparalleled.

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