Things you don’t know about DayZ Latest Patch Update 1.28 Bug Fixes and New features

DayZ Latest Patch Update 1.28 Bug Fixes and New features

DayZ receives a new update in the store. Bohemian Interactive has released this update that primarily takes into account various bug fixes and some problems regarding the gameplay. There are some other minor improvements too.

DayZ Latest Patch Update 1.28 Bug Fixes and New features

Things you don't know about DayZ Latest Patch Update 1.28 Bug Fixes and New features

The update for DayZ is live in the store now. Update 1.28 brings improvements to the gameplay and takes care of the bugs present previously. The patch file includes bug fixes for crashes and some damage changes to tools. This will make the game more realistic and fun. Other important features include increasing assault and sniper rifle audible range and the bug in the console version of the game, where infected could walk through the doors.

PS4 Fixes

The whole list of PS4 bug fixes is huge, which includes a lot of improvements. Among the fixes, the developers fixed the inability to repair certain items like the Witch Hat or the Witch Hood, some issues with settings, and incomprehensible error messages. Some minor yet realistic fixes were also there. Previously, the tent inventories were accessible from outside the tents, which has been fixed now. Also, heavy hits causing restart of the game was another annoying bug that has now been removed.

There are also some changes made. The most evident change is that the Eggsperimental Capsule has been disabled for now, Audible range for some guns and protection rate for some vests have been increased for better gameplay experience. Overall, this update is an important one, and is crucial for gamers.

Things you don't know about DayZ Latest Patch Update 1.28 Bug Fixes and New features


PC Fixes

PC users of the game have to read some notes, for some things have changed a bit. After downloading this update, the players need to verify the files via the Steam client to ensure that no files are missing or corrupted. The FAQ page is  Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q.DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q., where players can launch complaints or find answers if stuck during installation.

Among the game fixes, there are the similar tent inventory and heavy hit crashing foxes. The extra fix for the PC is regarding the crash due to ammo types. These crashes can destroy the gameplay experience, so it’s a must to download this update.

Changes include similar points that are for the PS4 version, with the gun audible range and protection rate increased for guns and vests respectively, and the disabling of the Eggsperimental Capsule.

This update brings so many improvements to the game and also removes the annoying bugs present. The most relieving part is perhaps that the game crashing issues have been detected and taken care of for good.

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